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Châteaux of Champagne-Ardenne

This is the list of Châteaux in Champagne-Ardenne. It is located in the northeast of the country, bordering Belguim and consists of four departments: Aube, Ardennes, Haute-Marne and Marne

We have listed 172 Chateaux in the Champagne-Ardenne region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 67 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Champagne-Ardenne that are not in our list, please let us know!

Info sources: -âteaux_de_France

Châteaux of Ardennes

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Arnicourt 18th century In good condition Arnicourt Private property.
Château d'Auflance17th centuryAuflancePrivately owned.
Château-bas de Sedan also known as Palais des Princes 1611 Sedan The building is listed as a historical monument in 1952 and registered in 2003.
Château de la Basse-Touligny17th centuryToulignyPrivately owned
Château de Bazeilles 18th century In good condition Bazeilles Privately owned.
Château la Berlière 18th century In good condition Berlière (La) Privately owned.
Château de Buzancy 18th century In good condition Buzancy Private property.
Château des comtes de Bryas 17th century Fumay It became the property of the city of Fumay in 1952 and houses the communal services, post and perception.
Château de Cornay 17th century Cornay This is private property, the owners generally accepting requests for visits, outdoor, summer.
Château de Doumely 15th century Restored Doumely-Bégny This monument is one of the most impressive visible by the Route of the Porcien.
Château de L'Échelle 17th century L'Échelle Owned by the town. The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1926.
Château de L'Échelle
Château de la Cassine 1571 Ruine Vendresse The chateau is a venue now for Sound and Light Shows.
Château de la Cour des Près 16th century Rumigny The chateau is owned by descendants of Edouard Piette, who maintain and also arranged guest rooms. Tours and concerts are held each summer in this private property.
Château-ferme de Brieulles-sur-Bar Recontruct Brieulles-sur-Bar Sold in 1914, it is transformed in a farm. In 1945, the building was registered under the Historic Monuments.
Château-ferme de Foisches 16th century Restored Foisches It is transformed into a farm after the revolution and called farm Templars . The fortified structure was subsequently used as housing for officers near Fort of Charlemont of Givet . The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1991.
Château de Grandpré 1619 Grandpré The current buildings were classified under the historical monuments in 1921.
Château de Grandpré
Château de Gruyères (Ardennes)
Château de Gruyères (Ardennes) Unknown Gruyères (Ardennes) The castle is privately owned and not open to visitors. A path parallel to the street, to the east, and on the other side of the Ditch Houdaine, can have an overview of the buildings.
Château d'Hardoncelle 16th century Remilly-les-Pothèes The castle remained uninhabited until 1952, when it was bought by General Roger Noiret . This building is private and can not be visited.
Château d'Harzillemont 1521 Rebuilt Hagnicourt The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1987.
Château d'Hierges 9th century Ruine Hierges The castle is privately owned.
Château de Lamecourt 16th-19th century In good condition Rubécourt-et-Lamécourt Privately owned.
Château de Landreville 14th century Restored Bayonville It is a rare surviving example of a virtually intact Ardennes stately home of the pre-renaissance. Open to the public.
Château de Linchamps 1531 Ruine Thilay The present site at the state of neglect consists of a rocky outcrop overlooking a hundred meters a meander of the river Semoy.
Château de Lumes15th-16th centuryLumesOwned by the town
Château-ferme de Maison à Bar17th centuryMont-Dieu (Le)Privately owned
Château du Maippes16th-17th centuryPrezPrivately owned
Château de Marcq18th centuryMarcqProperty of a private company
Château Mesmont 17th century In good condition Mesmont Privately owned.
Château de Mont-de-Jeux18th centurySaint-Lambert-et-Mont-de-JeuxOwned by a private company
Château de Montcornet 11th century Ruined Montcornet The discoveries made during the excavations are exhibited in a room near the castle (key 400 coins, pottery, bullets, bones).
Château de Montvillers 1770 Bazeilles In July 2004 , the castle was destroyed by fire. The disaster has devastated much of the four-story building, which housed the marketing-services management, the administrative unit of the CSSA and a gourmet restaurant.
Château d'Orival
Château de la Cour des Prés
Château-Regnault (forteresse) 12th century Ruine Bogny-sur-Meuse During the erection of the monument in 1933 , some findings were made: coins, swords, arrowheads, dishes, and a few animal bones.
Château de Remilly-Aillicourt18th centuryRemilly-AillicourtPrivately owned
Château de Remilly-les-Pothées
Château de Remilly-les-Pothèes 16th century Remilly-les-Pothèes The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1927.
Château de Rocan 16th century Restored Chéhéry The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1981.
Château de Saint-Marceau17th-18th centurySaint-MarceauPrivately owned
Château de Sedan 1424 Rejuvenated Sedan The castle of Sedan features a tour circuit since 1995 when was introduced visiting Historium. Mannequins were placed there sire, illustrating life at the castle in medieval times and the time of princes.
Château de Tassigny17th centurySapogne-sur-MarchePrivately owned
Château de Turenne (Ardennes)
Château de Thugny-Trugny 15th century Rebuilt Thugny-Trugny The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1946
Château de Turenne 16th-17th century In good condition Bazeilles Privately owned
Château de Villers 16th century Refurbished Maisoncelle-et-Villers It is now a farm and a private residence. The building is registered under the historical monuments in 2000.
Château de Villette16th-19th centuryGlairePrivate property
Fort de Charlemont 1555 Givet The historical landscape and environment are very important to promote and attract visitors are the important major to the department of the Adrennes.
Maison forte de la Raminoise 15th century Restored Maisoncelle-et-Villers The building is registered under the historical monuments in 2003.

Châteaux of Aube

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château de Arcis-sur-Aube18th centuryArcis-sur-AubeOwned by the town.
Château d'Ailleville
Château d'Arrentières13th-15th centuryArrentièresOwned by the town.
Château Barberey-Saint-Sulpice16th-18th centuryBarberey-Saint-SulpicePrivately owned.
Château de Bar-sur-Seine 10th century Ruine Bar-sur-Seine The importance of the castle of Bar-sur-Seine held to its location on the border between Champagne and Burgundy. At the same time the castle of Bar-sur-Seine was considered the most important of Burgundy. Its architecture is very close to the castle of Corbieres (Aude).
Château de Bligny 18th century Recontruct Blingy You can visit the house and its land, has a great history of architectural and wine-making heritage. They have an outstanding collection of a thousand champagne glasses including pieces designed by Lalique and Daum, reminds us that the village was the home of one of the Aube's largest crystal glassworks until 1881.
Château Bossancourt18th-19th centuryBossancourtPrivately owned.
Château de BouillyBouilly
Château de BréviandesBréviandes
Château de Bucey-en-Othe16th centuryBucey-en-OtheOwned by a private company
Château de Brienne-le-Châtea 18th century In good condition Brienne-le-Château Privately owned
Château de Chacenay 13th century Restored Chacenay It is in 1988 that Panos and Lina Pervanas, fell under the spell of Castle Chacenay, became masters of the place to gently restore the castle acclaim.âteau_de_Chacenay
Château de la Chaise19th centuryChaise (La)Privately owned.
Château de Chamoy Chamoy Private
Château de Chavaudon
Château Charmont-sous-Barbuise18th centuryCharmont-sous-BarbuisePrivately owned.
Château du Clos-Saint-Roch18th centuryRiceys (Les)Privately owned.
Château de Dampierre16th-17th centuryDampierrePrivately owned.
Château de Droupt-Saint-Basle16th-20th centuryDroupt-Saint-BaslePrivately owned.
Château de Eclance18th centuryEclancePrivately owned.
Château des Evêques de Troyes (ancien)16th centurySaint-LyéPrivately owned
Château de Fuligny18th centuryFulignyPrivate property
Château de JaucourtJaucourt
Château de La Motte-Tilly 1754 Rebuilt La Motte-Tilly The museum is open to the public since 1978, the castle is managed by the Centre des monuments nationaux.
Château de Montaigu
Château du Plessis19th centuryFresnoy-le-ChâteauOwned by an association
Château de Plancy
Château de Poussey
Château de Polisy16th centuryPolisyPrivate property.
Château de Pont-sur-SeinePont-sur-Seine
Château de Pouy-sur-Vannes16th-18th centuryPouy-sur-VannesOwned by a private company.
Château de PraslinPraslin
Château de Ricey-Bas12th-18th centuryRiceys (Les)Privately owned.
Château de Rosières-près-Troyes16th-18th centuryRosières-près-TroyesPrivately owned.
Château de Rumilly-lès-VaudesRumilly-lès-Vaudes
Château de Saint-Aventin19th centuryVerrièresPrivately owned
Château Saint-Louis
Château de Saint-Benoist-sur-Vanne16th-17th centurySaint-Benoist-sur-VannePrivately owned.
Château de Sainte-Maure 16th century Sainte-Maure Private
Chapelle Saint-Jean-Baptiste12th-13th centuryJaucourtPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Parres-aux-Tertres18th centurySaint-Parres-aux-TertresPrivately owned.
Manoir des Tourelles
Château Vanlay16th-17th centuryVanlayOwned by a private company
Château de Vaux 18th century In good condition Fouchères Property of an association
Château de Vendeuvre-sur-Barse Abandoned Vendeuvre-sur-Barse The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1963.
Château de Vermoise16th centurySainte-MaureOwned by a private company
Château de VillehardouinVal-d'Auzon
Château de Villemereuil16th-17th centuryVillemereuilPrivately owned
Château de Villemorien18th-19th centuryVillemorienPrivately owned
Eolienne de Pargues20th centuryParguesOwned by the municipality

Châteaux of Haute-Marne

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Arc-en-Barrois 17th century Rebuilt in the 1845 Arc-en-Barrois Furniture from the castle can be marked fire: LB surmounted by a Crown or ARC.
Château d'AuberiveAuberive
Château d'Autreville 17th century Autreville-sur-la-Renne The castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since July 26, 2004âteau_d'Autreville-sur-la-Renne
Château de Bienville18th-19th centuryEurville-BienvillePrivate property
Château de BlaiseColombey-les-Deux-EglisesPrivately owned
Château de Briaucourt13th-18th centuryBriaucourtPrivately owned
Château de Brouthières18th centuryThonnance-les-MoulinsPrivately owned
Château de Chatoillenot18th centuryVal-d'Esnoms (Le)Privately owned
Château de Chalancey 12th century Rebuilt Chalancey It is registered for Historical Monuments since 1982.
Château de Changey18th centuryChangeyPrivately owned
Château de Charmes-en-l'Angle18th centuryCharmes-en-l'AnglePrivately owned
Château de Châteauvillain15th-16th centuryChâteauvillainPrivately owned
Château ChaumontChaumontOwned by the Department
Château de Cirey 1643 Cirey-sur-Blaise Cirey is a private residence that the owners open to the general public to visit.
Château de Clefmont11th centuryClefmontPrivately owned
Château Cusey15th-16th centuryCuseyPrivately owned
Château de Dampierre17th centuryNeuilly-l'EvêquePrivately owned
Château de Dinteville 16th century Dinteville The castle is listed on the supplementary inventory of historic monuments (historical monument)âteau_de_Dinteville
Château de Donjeux18th centuryDonjeuxPrivately owned
Château d'EchenayEchenay
Château d'Ecot
Château de Ecot-la-Combe18th-19th centuryEcot-la-CombePrivately owned
Château d'Eurville (ancien)Eurville-BienvilleOwned by the town
Château de Fresnoy18th centuryParnoy-en-BassignyPrivately owned
Château du Grand Jardin 16th century Restored Joinville The Chateau du Grand Jardin has become Member of the European network of Cultural Centres of meeting in historic monuments.
Château de Gudmont-VilliersGudmont-VilliersPrivately owned
Château de Juzennecourt18th centuryJuzennecourtPrivate property
Château de Lafauche 11th century Ruine Lafauche There were underground prisons and has broad depth (in the tower called Tower Lardier the first round right round the Dungeon).
Château de Marault16th-19th centuryBolognePrivately owned
Château de Melville 19th century Saint-Martin-lès-Langres Owned by the Fox Family. It is an Equestrian center and center for horse shows.âteau_de_Melville
Château de Morteau16th centuryCirey-lès-MareillesPrivately owned
Château du Pailly 1563 Pailly It is considered the most prestigious example of Renaissance architecture of the Champagne-Ardenne. The castle is Pailly style Ionic and Corinthian.
Château de Percey-le-Pautel18th centuryLongeau-PerceyPrivately owned
Château de Piepape18th centuryVillegusien-le-LacPrivately owned
Château et son pigeonnier18th centuryRomain-sur-MeusePrivately owned
Château de Poissons18th centuryPoissonsPrivately owned
Château de Prangey16th-20th centuryVillegusien-le-LacPrivately owned
Château de Prauthoy 16th century Renovated Prauthoy Frédéric Mailfait bought the castle in 2008 and it is not a luxurious hotel.
Château de Reynel 757 Restored Reynel It is registered as Historical Monument (1989)âteau_de_Reynel
Château de Rimaucourt16th-19th centuryRimaucourtPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Dizier 13th-16th century In good condition Saint-Dizier Privately owned
Château de Tremilly18th-19th centuryNully-TrémillyPrivately owned
Château du Val-des-Escholiers18th centuryVerbieslesPrivately owned
Château de Vignory 11th century Ruine Vignory The other monuments were destroyed or disappeared because of repairs chapel, manor house, dovecote, both input and porteries drawbridge ... The models restoring the original appearance of the castle are visible on the site.âteau_de_Vignory
Château de Villars-en-Azois 16th-18th century In good condition Villars-en-Azois Owned by a private company
Château de VroncourtVroncourt-la-Côte
Vieux-ChâteauRomain-sur-MeusePrivately owned

Châteaux of Marne

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château de Athis 17th-18th century In good condition Athis Privately owned.
Château de Arcis-le-PonsartArcis-le-PonsartPrivately owned
Château de Baye 18th century In good condition Baye Privately owned.
Château de Bergères-sous-Montmirail17th centuryBergères-sous-MontmirailPrivately owned
Château de Bignicourt-sur-Saulx 19th century In good condition Bignicourt-sur-Saulx Private property
Château de Boursault 1842 Boursault The castle is surrounded by vineyard which produces the champagne "Chateau de Boursault".
Château de BrauxBraux-Sainte-CohièrePrivate property
Château de Brugny 16th-18th century In good condition Brugny-Vaudancourt Privately owned
Château de Courcelles19th centurySaint-Brice-CourcellesPrivately owned
Château de Dormans 14th century Dormans Currently owned by the municipality of Dormans. Open to visitors.
Château de l'Echelle-le-Franc16th-19th centuryMontmirailPrivately owned
Château de Esternay16th centuryEsternayPrivately owned
Château d'Étrepy
Château d'Étoges 17th century In good condition Etoges Owned by a private company
Château d'Etrepy 17th century In good condition Etrepy Privately owned
Château de GueuxGueux
Château des Granges18th centuryNoue (La)Privately owned
Château de Isle-sur-Marne18th centuryIsle-sur-MarnePrivately owned
Château Jaquesson19th centuryChâlons-en-ChampagneOwned by a private company
Château de Juvigny 18th century In good condition Juvigny Property of a private company
Château de lagery13th-16th centuryLageryPrivately owned
Château de Louvois 13th century Today the castle, with its 35 acres of gardens, is the property of Laurent Perrier Group . A small part of the historic garden was reconstructed from original plans. The property can not be visited.
Château Mairy-sur-Marne15th-17th centuryMairy-sur-MarnePrivately owned
Château de Mareuil 18th century Renovated Mareuil-sur-Ay Currently owned by the Frey Family. It was registered as Historical Monuments (2003).
Château de la Marquetterie 1734 Pierry Currently owned by the Taittinger company (a prestigious house champagne, formerly known as Forest Furnaces).
Château de MerfyMerfy
Château de Montbel 10th century Ruins Saint-Pierre-d'Entremont Privately owned
Château de Montmirail 17th century Montmirail Since 2001: Joseph Puzo, CEO of Axon Cable. The castle is particularly conference center.
Château de Montmort 10th century Montmort-Lucy The Château de Montmort is privately owned, open to group visits by appointment (no individual visits).
Château Perrier 19th century In good condition Epernay Owned by the municipality
Château de PlacardMœ
Château de Réveillon 1607 Restored Réveillon The castle historical monument June 8, 1948.
Château Saint-Georges16th-19th centuryChampigneul-ChampagnePrivately owned
Château de Sainte-MenehouldSainte-MenehouldOwned by the town
Château de Sept-Saulx20th centurySept-SaulxPrivate property
Château de Serzy-PrinSerzy-et-Prin
Château de Réveillon
Château de Troissy12th centuryTroissyOwned by the town
Château de Trosnay 17th-18th century In good condition Thoult-Trosnay (Le) Property of a private company
Château de Villers-aux-Bois17th-19th centuryVillers-aux-BoisPrivately owned
Château de Vandières
Château de Villers-le-Château17th-19th centuryVillers-le-ChâteauOwned by a private company
Château de Vitry-la-Ville 18th-20th century In good condition Vitry-la-Ville Privately owned
Fort de la Pompelle 1883 Reims It is now a Museum of the First world war.

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