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Châteaux of Haute-Normandie

This is the list of Châteaux in Haute-Normandie. It was created in 1984 from two departements: Eure and Seine-Maritime, when Normandy was divided into Lower Normandy and Upper Normandy. This division continues to provoke controversy, and many people continue to call for reuniting the two regions.

We have listed 220 Chateaux in the Haute-Normandie region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 64 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Haute-Normandie that are not in our list, please let us know!

Info sources: -âteaux_de_France

Châteaux of Eure

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Acquigny 1557 Acquigny Owned now by Mr. Bertrand Esneval. It's open to the public, you can also have your wedding venue and all other event. The facade of the castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since September 17, 1946.
Château d'AmécourtAmécourt
Château d'Ailly (Eure)
Château-fort d'Alizay
Château d'Amfreville-sur-Iton
Manoir de l'Ancienne Prison
Château d'Andé
Manoir d'Angoville
Château d'Asnières
Manoir d'Aubigny
Château d'Amfreville (Acquigny)Acquigny
Château d'Amfreville (Amfreville-sur-Iton)Amfreville-sur-Iton
Château d'AvenyDampsmesnil
Château de Beaumesnil 1633 Beaumesnil Currently owned by Fürstenberg-Bernay Foundation and it is a museum.
Château de BérouGuichainville
Château de Bézu-la-ForêtBézu-la-Forêt
Château de Bizy 1675 Vernon It is subject of a classification as a historical monuments since March 4, 1996.
Château des Bois FrancsVerneuil-sur-Avre
Château-fort de Bacqueville
Château-fort de Baudemont
Manoir du Bâtiment
Château de Beauchêne
Manoir de Beaumont-la-Ville
Château de Beaumontel
Manoir de Beaunay
Château de Beauregard
Manoir de Beaurochet
Manoir dit ferme du Bec
Manoir de Becdal
Manoir de Belle-Londe
Château de Bernouville
Château de Berthenonville
Manoir de Bioval
Manoir de Blacquemare
Château du Blanc-Buisson
Manoir du Bois-Baril
Manoir de Boisemont
Château du Bois de Nemetz
Château des Bois-Francs
Château de Bois-Jérôme
Château du Bois-Préau
Manoir de Bosc-Anglier
Manoir du Bosc-Roger (Barquet)
Manoir du Bosc-Roger (Fourges)
Manoir de Bosquentin
Manoir de Bouafles
Château de la Boulaie
Manoir du Bout-de-la-Ville
Manoir des Broches
Château de Brécourt
Manoir des Brûlins
Manoir du Buc
Manoir de La Bucaille (Guiseniers)
Manoir de la Bucaille (Berville-la-Campagne)
Manoir du Bucquet
Château du Buisson-Garembourg
Butte aux Anglais (Bernay)
Butte aux Anglais (Le Tronquay)
Château de Boisset-les-PrévanchesBoisset-les-Prévanches
Château de Bonneboscq17th centuryManneville-sur-RislePrivately owned
Château de Bonnemare 1570 Refurbished Radepont Owned now by Alain and Sylvie Vandecandelaere. Castle Bonnemare can still be visited at some occasions (for groups during the European Heritage Days ) and was refurbished in 2006 to be rented (B & B or luxury cottage in the farm).
Château de Bonneville 15th century Chamblac It was the home of the writer Jean de La Varende from 1919 to 1959 . It is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since May 9, 1978. Also, this family home remained the headquarters of the association for the creation of Jean Varende The Museum, founded in August 2000.
Château de Bosc-Bénard-Commin16th centuryBosc-Bénard-ComminPrivately owned
Château du Bosc-Henry17th-18th centuryDrucourtPrivately owned
Château du Bosc-Roger16th-18th centuryPlessis-Hébert (Le)Private property
Château de Brécourt 1625 In good condition Douains It is now converted into a Hotel and Restaurant. The chateau eere included un the inventory of the historical monuments by order of June 28, 1967.
Château du Breuil-BenoîtMarcilly-la-Campagne
Château de Brionne In good condition Brionne Owned by the Town
Château de Brumare17th-19th centuryBrestotPrivately owned
Château du Buisson GarembourgGuichainville
Château du Buisson de May 1781 Restored Saint-Aquilin-de-Pacy Open to the public for many cultural events.
Château des BuspinsDaubeuf-près-Vatteville
Château de CahaignesCahaignes
Château de Cambremont
Manoir du Camp-Jacquet
Château de Carentonne
Manoir des Célestins
Château de Chambray (Gouville)
Manoir du Chapitre
Château de Charleval
Château de Château-sur-Epte
Manoir de Chauvincourt
Manoir du Chêne-Varin
Château du Chesnay-Haguest
Manoir de Civières
Château de Cléry
Fort du Muret
Manoir du Clos-de-l'Aître
Château de Condé-sur-Iton
Manoir de Connelles
Manoir de Corny
Manoir du Coudray
Manoir de Courcelles-sur-Seine
Château de Couvicourt
Manoir de Criquetuit
Château de Croix-Mesnil
Château de La Croix-Saint-Leufroy
Château de Canteloup 17th century In good condition Amfreville-sous-les-Monts Property of a private company
Château de Caorches-Saint-NicolasCaorches-Saint-Nicolas
Château de CarsixCarsix
Château de CaudecotteBazoques
Château de Cernières17th-19th centurySaint-Pierre-de-CernièresPrivately owned
Château de Chambray (Chambray)18th centuryChambrayPrivately owned
Château de Chambray (State property)16th-17th centuryGouvilleState property
Château du Champ de Bataille 17th century Restored and well maintained Neubourg Currently owned by Jacques Garcia.
Château de Château-sur-Epte 1087 Ruine Château-sur-Epte . It was part of the ducal castle controlling the Epte border with the kingdom of France . Under Henry II, the castle was considerably strengthened.
Château de Chennebrun In good condition Chennebrun Private property
Château du Colombier18th centuryHeudebouvillePrivately owned
Château de Conches-en-Ouche 11th century Ruine Conches-en-Ouche Currently owned by the municipality. It is classified as historical monument by order of July 12, 1886.
Château de Courteilles18th centuryCourteillesPrivately owned
Château de Courtmoulin17th-18th centurySainte-Barbe-sur-GaillonPrivately owned
Château de La Croix-Saint-Leufroy17th-19th centuryCroix-Saint-Leufroy (La)Privately owned
Château des deux amantsAmfreville-sous-les-Monts
Château d'Emalleville18th centuryEmallevilleProperty of a private company
Château d'Écos
Château d'Émalleville
Manoir de l'Epinay
Château de Fleury-la-Forêt 1595 Well maintain Fleury-la-Forêt Currently owned by Pierre Caffin. This impressive castle built in flint and red brick, located not far from Lyons-la-Forêt, can be visited. It also serves as a bed and breakfast. The castle houses the museum of dolls. The French garden is bordered by a driveway lime trees. You can also see around the park, cellars, chapel and laundry.
Château de la Folletière17th centuryNeuillyPrivately owned
Château de Fontaine l'AbbéFontaine-l'Abbé
Château de Fleury-la-Forêt
Manoir de Fontenay
Manoir de Forest
Manoir de la Fortière
Manoir de Fretteville
Château de la Fontaine-du-Houx14th-18th centuryBézu-la-ForêtPrivately owned.
Château de Fontaine-la-Soret18th centuryFontaine-la-SoretPrivately owned
Château de FoursFours-en-Vexin
Château-Gaillard 1197 Ruine Andelys In 1852 , Chateau Gaillard is classified as historical monuments. He enters guidebooks touting the romantic ruins of Normandy, as well as the Abbey Jumièges and castles Lillebonne of Gisors or Tancarville.
Château de Gaillon (Aubevoye)Aubevoye
Château-Gaillard (Les Andelys)
Manoir de la Garenne
Manoir de Gauciel
Manoir de Radeval
Manoir de la Grand-Fray
Manoir du Grand Maître
Château de Grumesnil
Manoir de Grosmesnil
Château-fort de Guitry
Château de Gaillon 12th century Gaillon In 2011, the castle was opened to the public, reinforced by a new exhibition, made by the CRA and a model of the castle as we could see in the 16th century.
Château de Gauville17th-18th centurySaint-Pierre-de-CernièresPrivately owned
Château de Gisors 11th century Gisors Gisors Castle is famous for its links with the history of the Order of the Temple , including having served as a prison in the last Master of the Order, Jacques de Molay, and three other dignitaries of the order.
Château de Graveron17th centuryGraveron-SémervilleProperty of a private company
Château d'Harcourt 11th century or 12th century Harcourt It has one of the oldest arboreta that we can find in France. The building was kept intact much of its original structure.
Château d'Hellenvilliers15th-19th centuryGrandvilliersPrivately owned
Château de la Héruppe20th centuryLouyePrivate property
Château d'Heudicourt 17th-19th century In good condition Heudicourt Privately owned
Château d'HouettevilleHouetteville
Château du Hallot
Manoir du Hamet
Manoir d'Harquency
Manoir du Haut-Bouffey
Château de Heuqueville
Manoir de Hideuse
Manoir de l'Huis
Manoir de la Houssaye
Château de Houlbec-près-le-Gros-TheilHoulbec-près-le-Gros-Theil
Château d'Ivry-la-Bataille 10th century Ruine Ivry-la-Bataille It was in 1968 that Robert Donkey, cabinetmaker Ivry, began with a group of volunteers clearing of substructures. After 20 years of titanic work, the original floor reappeared and the ruins of the castle came out again to earth. Classified historic monument since 1990, the remains belong to the impressive again become common and are free visit.
Château du Jarrier19th centuryCourteillesPrivately owned
Château du Landin18th-19th centuryLandin (Le)Owned by a private company
Manoir de La Lande
Manoir de Léomesnil
Château de Lorleau
Manoir de La Lande-Asseline
Manoir de Longuemare
Château de Livet-sur-AuthouLivet-sur-Authou
Château de LogempréPont-Saint-Pierre
Château de Lusigneul17th-18th centuryMontreuil-l'ArgilléPrivately owned
Château de la Madeleine 1129 In good condition Pressagny-l'Orgueilleux It is a Hotel and Restaurant, they also offer venue for your wedding and reception. The castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since June 6, 2002.
Château médiéval d'Avrilly11th-12th centuryAvrillyPrivately owned
Château de MellevilleGuichainville
Manoir de Mancelles
Manoir du Manoir (La Barre-en-Ouche)
Manoir du Manoir
Manoir de Mantelle
Château de Marbeuf
Château de La Mare-aux-Cerfs
Manoir de la Mare-aux-Seigneurs
Manoir de Berville-sur-Mer
Manoir du Mascrier
Manoir de Maurepas
Château de Maupertuis
Manoir du Mesnil (Andé)
Manoir du Mesnil (La Barre-en-Ouche)
Manoir du Mesnil (Mesnil-Verclives)
Manoir du Mesnil (Port-Mort)
Manoir du Mesnil-Guilbert
Manoir 1 du Mouchel
Château de Muids
Château de la Mésangère17th-18th centuryBosguérard-de-MarcouvillePrivate property
Château de Montaure 18th century In good condition Montaure A cultural center housed in the outbuildings offers regular events. The park and the castle can be visited under certain conditions.âteau_de_Montaure
Château de Montfort-sur-Risle Ruins Montfort-sur-Risle The castle is the subject of an entry in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments since 1937.
Château de Montretout19th-20th centuryDanguProperty of a private company
Château féodal d'Montreuil-l'Argillé11th centuryMontreuil-l'ArgilléPrivately owned
Château de la MotteMontfort-sur-Risle
Château du Neubourg 13th-16th century In good condition Neubourg (Le) Private property
Château de Neaufles-Saint-Martin12th centuryNeaufles-Saint-MartinPrivately owned
Château de Nagel
Château-Neuf (Port-Mort)
Manoir de Noyers
Château d'Omonville18th centuryTremblay-Omonville (Le)Privately owned
Château de PetitevillePetiteville
Château de Pinterville In good condition Pinterville
Château du Plessis-Bouquelon 16th century Bouquelon Home of a private person. It is subject of a registration under the historical monuments since July 28, 2005âteau_du_Plessis-Bouquelon
Château du Pont-Saint-PierrePont-Saint-Pierre
Manoir de Paix
Manoir de Panilleuse
Manoir du Pâtis
Manoir Pavillon
Manoir des Perruzeaux
Manoir de Pierrelaye
Manoir de la Pillette
Manoir de La Plardière
Manoir du Plix-Aubin
Manoir de Porte-Joie
Manoir du Prieuré
Manoir de La Queue-d'Haye
Château du RadepontRadepont
Château de RequiécourtCahaignes
Manoir de La Rivière (Les Andelys)
Manoir de La Rivière (Bailleul-la-Vallée)
Enceinte préhistorique du Château-Robert
Manoir de Roncherolles
Manoir de La Roque
Château de Rouville
Château des Rotoirs
Château des Rufflets
Château de Rosay-sur-Lieure 17th century In good condition Rosay-sur-Lieure Privately owned
Chateau de Saint-Aubin-d'Ecrosville 17th century In good condition Saint-Aubin-d'Ecrosville Privately owned
Château de Saint-Aubin-sur-RisleAjou
Manoir de Saint-Crespin
Château-fort Saint-Jean
Manoir de Saint-Jean-de-Frenelles
Château de Saint-Just
Manoir de Saint-Ouen
Manoir de Salverte
Château de la Sapaie
Château-fort de Saussart
Manoir de Senancourt
Manoir de Surcy
Château de Saint-Gervais d'Asnières 19th century In good condition Asnières It is now a Bed and Breakfast place.
Château de Saint-Hilaire 19th-20th century In good condition Louviers Owned by a private company
Château de Saint-Georges-Motel17th-19th centurySaint-Georges-MotelOwned by a private company
Château de Saint-Just 13th century In good condition Saint-Just The castle still belongs today to an old French family passionate about the history of the monument and its romantic park.
Château de Saint-Léger12th-19th centuryPlessis-Sainte-Opportune (Le)Owned by a private company
Château de Saint-Léger-de-RôtesSaint-Léger-de-Rôtes
Château de Saint-Maclou17th centurySaint-MaclouOwned by a private company
Château de Saint-Mards-sur-Risle16th centurySaint-Mards-de-BlacarvillePrivately owned
Château de Saint-PaulHauville
Château de Tilly 1530 In good condition Boissey-le-Châtel It is a Bed and Breakfast place and offers venue for receptions and seminars.
Château des Tourelles 13th century Vernon It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since January 1945.
Château du Thuit (Berville-en-Roumois)
Château du Thuit (Le Thuit)
Château de Thierceville
Château de Tosny
Château de Tourny
Manoir de Travailles
Manoir des Ursulines
Château de Tournebut In good condition Aubevoye
Château de la VacherieBarquetProperty of a private company
Château de Vascœuil 11th century Vascœuil Castle Vascœuil houses a regional art and culture center, which organizes exhibitions regularly since 1970.
Château de VerclivesMesnil-VerclivesPrivately owned
Château de Verneuil-sur-AvreVerneuil-sur-Avre
Château de la Vacherie (Barquet)
Manoir du Val-Boncoeur
Manoir du Valcorbon
Château de Vascœuil
Manoir de Vézillon
Manoir des Vieilles
Château de Villers (Les Andelys)
Château de VernonVernonOwned by the Town
Domaine de Bonneval17th-18th centuryHaye-Aubrée (La)Privately owned
Domaine de la Chapelle19th centuryNeuve-Lyre (La)Private property
Domaine de Launay16th-18th centurySaint-Georges-du-VièvreOwned by a private company
Domaine de Louye15th-19th centuryLouyePrivate property
Domaine du Troncq16th-18th centuryTroncq (Le)Owned by a private company
Domaine de la Tuilerie18th centuryCauverville-en-RoumoisPrivate property
Fort de LimaieIgoville
Grand Château de Serquigny17th centurySerquignyPrivately owned
Manoir du BusBus-Saint-Rémy
Manoir de La Croix-Saint-LeufroyLa Croix-Saint-Leufroy
Manoir du LogisBourgtheroulde-Infreville
Manoir de Montalègre17th centurySaint-Denis-le-FermentPrivately owned
Manoir de RebaisLes Bottereaux
Manoir de Senneville In good condition Amfreville-sous-les-Monts
Tour des archives (Vernon) 1123 Vernon It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list of 1840.

Châteaux of Seine maritime

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Anglesqueville-les-Murs17th-18th centurySaint-SylvainPrivately owned.
Château d'Arques-la-Bataille 12th century Ruine Arques-la-Bataille Until the late 1970s, guided tours were organized, but the places were closed to the public because of the risk of falling rocks. Today, fans can walk around the grounds, but do not have the time to go inside to a hypothetical restoration.
Château d'Auvilliers
Château d'ArnouvilleErmenouvillePrivately owned
Château d'Auberville15th-16th centuryAuberville-la-ManuelPrivately owned
Château de AuvilliersAuvilliersPrivately owned
Château des Aygues19th centuryEtretatPrivately owned
Château de Baclair16th-17th centuryNointotPrivately owned
Château de Bailleul 1543 Angerville-Bailleul The castle, open to the public, allows the visitor to discover different aromatic gardens, landscape and sculptures and a maze.
Château du Bec-CrespinSaint-Martin-du-BecPrivately owned
Château Benouville Seine-Maritime In good condition Bénouville Privately owned
Château et manoir contigu Beuzeville-la-Grenier16th centuryBeuzeville-la-GrenierPrivately owned
Château Blainville-CrevonBlainville-CrevonOwned by a private company
Château de Bois-Héroult 18th century In good condition Bois-Héroult Private property
Château de Bosc-le-ComteSaint-Pierre-le-VieuxPrivately owned.
Château du Bosc ThérouldeBosc-Guérard-Saint-Adrien
Château du Boscol16th centuryHéricourt-en-CauxPrivately owned
Château de Bosmelet 17th-18th century In good condition Auffay Privately owned
Château de Bourdemare16th centuryManneville-la-GoupilPrivately owned
Château de BriançonCriel-sur-MerOwned by the Town
Château de Briquedalle18th centurySassetot-le-MauconduitPrivately owned
Château de Cany 1640 Cany-Barville Currently owned by Antoine de Dreux-Breze. Since 1980, it is open to the public every summer from 1st of July to 31st of August.
Château de CanteleuCanteleuPrivately owned
Château de CattevilleOcquevillePrivately owned
Château de Crasville-la-Rocquefort17th centuryCrasville-la-RocquefortPrivately owned
Château de Cuverville18th centuryCuvervillePrivately owned
Château de Dieppe 1188 Dieppe The castle is the venue of one of the richest collections objects and sculptures in ivory France.
Château d'Esneval18th centuryPavillyPrivately owned
Château d'Eu
Château d'Ételan
Château d'Ételan 1494 In good condition Saint-Maurice-d'Ételan Historic monument in 1980, the State Department, Friends of Ételan castle and owners continued to work for 17 years. The restoration was completed in 1994 for the 500 th anniversary of its construction. Open to the public.
Château d'Eu 16th century In good condition Eu The chateau hosts both the Town hall and Louis-Philippe Museum (which is classified Museum France)
Château de Fécamp 10th century Ruine Fécamp The ruins have been the subject of a classification as historical monument October 26, 1910.
Château de Filières 1599 In good condition Gommerville The chateau is regularly open to the public.
Château du Fossé17th centuryMont-CauvaireProperty of an association
Château de Fécamp
Château de Filières
Château des Gadelles19th centuryHavre (Le)Owned by a private company
Château des GadellesSainte-Adresse
Château de Galleville 17th century Doudeville It belongs to Marshal Villars and its a private property.
Château de Gruville (Contremoulins)19th-20th centuryContremoulinsPrivately owned
Château de Gruville (Thiergeville)Thiergeville
Château de HarfleurHarfleurPrivately owned
Château d'Haucourt17th centuryGrigneusevillePrivately owned
Château dit d'Herbouville17th centurySaint-Pierre-le-VieuxPrivately owned.
Château dit des Huguenots à Beuvreuil13th-14th centuryDampierre-en-BrayPrivately owned
Château de Janville17th-19th centuryPaluelOwned by a private company
Château de Launay18th centurySaint-PaërPrivately owned
Château de Lillebonne13th-15th centuryLillebonnePrivately owned
Château Longueville-sur-Scie11th-15th centuryLongueville-sur-ScieOwned by the Town
Château Mailleraye-sur-Seine (La)16th centuryMailleraye-sur-Seine (La)Privately owned
Château du Manais 1730 Ferrières-en-Bray Private property and not open to visitors.âteau_du_Manais
Château de Mesnières
Château d'eau-marégraphe20th centuryRouenOwned by a public institution of the State
Château de Martainville 1495 In good condition Martainville-Épreville It's over the years the castle has patiently found a roof, door frames, floors. Restored and maintained as a historic monument, it now houses a museum of arts and Norman traditions. Open to the public.
Château de MaunyMauny
Château de MervalBrémontier-MervalOwned by the Town
Château de Mesnières 11th century Mesnières-en-Bray Currently owned by the Saint Joseph's Institution. It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list of 1862.
Château de Mesnil-Geoffroy 17th century In good condition Ermenouville Privately owned
Château de Miromesnil 1590 In good condition Tourville-sur-Arques It is owned now by Jean-Christophe and Nathalie Romatet. Offers bed and breakfast, cottages.
Château de Mirville16th-19th centuryMirvilleOwned by a private company
Château de Mondétour18th centuryMorgny-la-PommerayePrivate property
Château de Montigny17th centuryCent-Acres (Les)Privately owned
Château d'Orcher In good condition Gonfreville-l'Orcher Owned by a private company
Château du ParcSaint-Pierre-lès-ElbeufPrivately owned.
Château de la Petite-Heuze17th centuryGrandes-Ventes (Les)Private property
Château de la Picotière19th centurySaint-Gilles-de-CrétotPrivately owned
Château et ferme de Pleinbosc17th centuryEtouttevillePrivately owned
Château du Quesney12th centuryVatteville-la-RueOwned by the municipality
Château de la Rivière-Bourdet 17th century Quevillon In 2011, it is owned Trapes Chantal and her sister, who inherited it from their parents. Private property.
Château de Robert le Diable Ruine Moulineaux The chateau was bought by the Municipality of Rouen. A development program will be launched by the Greater Rouen to reopen to the public around the chateau.
Château de Rombosc18th centuryMont-CauvairePrivately owned
Château de la Rivière-Bourdet
Château de Romesnil18th centuryNesle-NormandeusePrivately owned
Château de Rouen 1204 In good condition Rouen The tower of the Maid (substructures) where Joan of Arc was imprisoned been entered in respect of historical monuments since July 13, 1926.
Château de Roumare17th-18th centuryRoumareOwned by a private company
Château de Saint-Aubin-le-Cauf16th centurySaint-Aubin-le-CaufPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Aubin-sur-MerSaint-Aubin-sur-MerPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Eustache-la-Forêt18th centurySaint-Eustache-la-ForêtPrivately owned
Château de SassetotSassetot-le-MauconduitPrivately owned
Château de Silleron17th- 20th centuryAngiensOwned by a private company
Château de Soquence16th-19th centurySahursPrivately owned
Château du Taillis 1530 In good condition Duclair A World Heritage Site of Regional Natural Park of the Loops of the Norman Seine. Open to the public.
Château de Tancarville 12th century Under rehabilitation Tancarville The castle now belongs to the Real Civil Society Figeac ( Dordogne ) SAKKARA capital of € 2,000, which since 2001 has there develop luxury apartments. Waiting to be rehabilitated, it remains closed to the public and parts degrade.
Château de Trébons18th centuryGrainville-YmauvilleOwned by a private company
Château TriquervilleTriquervillePrivately owned
Château de Valasse12th-18th centuryGruchet-le-ValassePrivately owned
Château du Val-d'Arques17th centurySaint-Eustache-la-ForêtPrivately owned
Château du Val des LeuxMauny
Château de Val-Freneuse (Freneuse)Freneuse
Château de Val-Freneuse17th centurySotteville-sous-le-ValPrivately owned
Château de Valmont11th-16th centuryValmontPrivately owned
Château du Vaudroc 1746 In good condition Limpiville It is currently owned by The Marquise de Lilliers Family. The park is open twice a year to visit: during Heritage Days and "Park and Gardens in June." This castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since October 7, 1931.
Manoir de Villers 16th century In good condition Saint-Pierre-de-Manneville Currently owned by Mery de Bellegarde. Open to visitors and offers venue for wedding and other events.
Château de Wargemont18th-19th centuryDerchignyPrivately owned
Château d'Yville 18th century In good condition Yville-sur-Seine Open to the public. The castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since October 7, 1931.
Domaine de Bretteville18th centuryBretteville-Saint-LaurentPrivately owned
Domaine de Gaillefontaine19th centuryGaillefontainePrivate property
Domaine du Grand Daubeuf17th centuryDaubeuf-ServillePrivate property
Domaine d'Ouville17th-18th centuryOuville-l'AbbayeOwned by a private company
Domaine de Saint-Victor18th centuryAncretiéville-Saint-VictorPrivately owned
Manoir d'Ango 1530 Varengeville-sur-Mer The mansion is open for tours from April to September.
Manoir d'Auffay 11th century Oherville This area is now a private residence. You can visit during the summer, during Heritage Days , and his loft. Cultural events are frequently involved (exhibitions, openings, theater..).
Manoir du Catel 1270 Écretteville-lès-Baons Owned now by Mr. Frederic Toussaint and its open to the public.
Manoir de Pierre Corneille Restored Petit-Couronne Since 1874, the General Council of Seine-Maritime undertaking restoration work until 1879 and is under the responsibility of the county museum of antiquities. It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since February 13, 1939.
Tour Jeanne d'Arc 12th century In good condition Rouen Owned by the Department

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