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Châteaux of Nord-Pas-de-Calais

This is the list of Châteaux in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. It has a border with Belguim in the north and west with UK. It consists of 2 departments: Nord and Pas-de-Calais.

We have listed 154 Chateaux in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 32 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Nord-Pas-de-Calais that are not in our list, please let us know!

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Châteaux of Nord

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Abbaye Sainte-Calixte de Cysoing 18th-19th century In good condition Cysoing Owned by a public institution of the State
Château de l'abbaye de Cysoing 18th century In good condition Cysoing
Château d'Assignies dit le Petit Rouge19th centuryMérignies ; TourmigniesOwned by an Association of local authorities
Château d'Audignies 14th-17th century In good condition Audignies Privately owned
Château d'AubyAuby
Château d'Aubry du Hainaut
Château de Bailleul et immeubles accolés15th-17th centuryCondé-sur-l'EscautOwned by the municipality
Château de BelligniesBellignies
Château de Bernicourt 1743 In good condition Roost-Warendin Opened to the public since 1989, the castle, emptied of its period furniture, now houses temporary exhibitions on the ground floor and a museum at 1st floor and the basement.
Château de BouchainBouchain
Château de la Briarde15th-19th centuryWest-CappelOwned by a private company
Château de BusignyBusignyOwned by a private company
Château des comtes de Lallaing14th-15th centuryLallaingOwned by the municipality
Château de CourceletteLannoy
Château de Coutant13th-19th centurySaint-Hilaire-sur-HelpePrivately owned
Château DesandrouinValenciennes
Château dit des DouaniersFresnes-sur-EscautPrivately owned
Château de Dourlers18th-19th centuryDourlersPrivately owned
Château d'EngelshofBambecquePrivately owned
Château d'Esquelbecq
Château de Esquelbecq15th-18th centuryEsquelbecqPrivately owned
Château d'Esnes 12th century Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Paternostre the Mairieu.
Château et Ferme d'en Haut18th centuryJenlainPrivately owned
Château de Flers 17th century In good condition Villeneuve-d'Ascq Owned by the town and it is now Flers Castle Museum, open to tourist.
Château de FontaineCroix
Château des FrenellesBouvignies
Château d'Fretin17th-18th centuryFretinOwned by a private company
Château de l'Ermitage18th centuryNeuville (La)State property
Château de Gœulzin 12th century Restored Gœulzin The mansion of the former hunting lodge has become the main house, it has a building on the ground floor with a floor, with a central tower, the right gear Wembergues and fireplace, terrace on the left.
Château de GravelinesGravelines
Château de GussigniesGussignies
Château de Gœulzin
Château des comtes de Hainaut dit "ancien arsenal"12th-13th centuryCondé-sur-l'EscautOwned by the municipality
Château de l'Hermitage 1786 Condé-sur-l'Escaut It is a historical monument since 1924.
Château d'Hugémont17th-19th centuryDompierre-sur-HelpePrivate property
Château d'JeumontMoyen AgeJeumontOwned by the municipality
Château de Landas17th-19th centuryLoosPrivately owned
Château de Lewarde18th centuryLewardeOwned by a private company
Château de la Motte Fénelon 19th century In good condition Cambrai
Château de Ligny 9th century Ligny-en-Cambrésis SARL Château de Ligny-Haucourt
Citadelle de Lille 1667-1673 In good condition Lille State property
Château du LoirSars-et-RosièresPrivately owned
Château de Montmonrency Montigny-en-Ostrevent Stable and restaurant. The entrance building with two towers was listed historical monument March 20, 1929.
Château de la Motte-aux-Bois 1065 In good condition Morbecque Since 1962, the castle houses the Institute for Aerospace Amaury de la Grange (IAAG), dedicated to aviation training.âteau_de_la_Motte-aux-Bois
Château de la Motte Fénelon 19th century In good condition Cambrai
Château d'Obies17th-18th centuryObiesPrivately owned
Château des OrmesLambersart
Château de la Phalecque 18th century Lompret Since 1954, the building houses a nursing home of Family Associations of Lille.
Château dit de Philippe de CominesRenescure
Château d'eau de la Place Verte20th centuryValenciennesOwned by the municipality
Château de Pont-de-SainsFéronPrivately owned
Château de Potelle 13th century Potelle Currently owne by the Fremin Family of Sartel.
Château de PrémesquesPrémesques
Château de Raismes18th centuryRaismesPrivately owned
Château de Rametz 14th-19th century In good condition Saint-Waast Privately owned
Château de Ranette18th centuryCambraiPrivately owned
Château de RieulayRieulayPrivately owned
Château de RieuxRieux-en-Cambrésis
Château de Roucourt 1765 Rebuilt Roucourt It includes a Chinese pavilion, the former pillory village and dovecote. The unit is now open to the public for receptions (weddings, seminars, baptism ...).âteau_de_Roucourt
Château de Robersart 18th century Rebuilt Wambrechies From 1998 , part of the premises was given to the museum of dolls and old toys.
Château de RupillyMérigniesPrivately owned
Château de Selles12th-18th centuryCambraiOwned by the municipality
Château de Socx19th centurySocxPrivately owned
Château de Steenbourg16th-19th centurySteenePrivately owned
Château de Trélon 11th century Trélon Today the castle is owned by the Princess Philippe de Merode.
Château de Trélon
Château VandammeCasselPrivately owned
Château de VerlinghemVerlinghem
Château du Vert-Bois 18th-19th century In good condition Bondues Privately owned
Château de la VigneBondues
Château de Wignacourt15th centuryFlêtrePrivate property
Château de ZuthoveRenescurePrivately owned
Domaine de l'Hamerhouck19th centuryCasselPrivately owned
Ferme des TempliersVerlinghem
Hospice Notre-Dame de SeclinSeclin
Maison de campagne de l'abbaye Saint-Aubert-de-Cambrai17th-19th centuryAvesnes-le-SecPrivately owned
Manoir du WithofBourbourg
Palais Rihour 15th century In good condition Lille The guardroom of the building houses the tourist office in the city. It is classified as a historic monument in 1875

Châteaux of Pas-de-Calais

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Abbaye Notre-Dame de Cercamp 14th century In good condition Frévent
Abbaye Saint-Paul de Wisques 20th century In good condition Wisques Owned by a religious association
Château de Airon-Saint-Vaast19th centuryAiron-Saint-VaastPrivately owned
Château d'Arras 1668 Arras According to the project announced in January 2011, the Citadel will host a leisure center, a center housing and economic hub. The Citadel hosts in July the Main Square Festival.
Château d'Audisque18th centurySaint-Etienne-au-MontPrivately owned
Château d'Aumont13th-19th centuryBoulogne-sur-MerOwned by the municipality
Château de BeaulieuBusnes
Château de Berles-Monchel
Château de La Buissière
Château de la Bien-Assise 1806 Guînes Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Mancho. It is turned into a Hotel.âteau_de_la_Bien-Assise_de_Guînes
Château de Bomy18th centuryBomyPrivately owned
Château de la Bucquière18th-19th centuryBrebièresOwned by a private company
Château de La Buissière 13th century Half ruine Bruay-la-Buissière The Collieries Company bought it in the early 20th century, but eventually demolish it in 1970. It only remains of the castle dungeon half-ruined.
Château du Cauroy18th centuryBerlencourt-le-CauroyPrivately owned
Citadelle de Calais 13th century In good condition Calais Citadel now bears the name of "Memorial Stadium".
Château de Campagne-lès-Hesdin18th centuryCampagne-lès-HesdinPrivately owned
Château de Cercamps 1137 Frévent In 1837, the abbey church is a heap of ruins in the demolition hammers.âteau_de_Cercamps
Château de ClarquesClarques
Château de Créminil
Château de Cocove 18th century Recques-sur-Hem The castle was occupied by British and German soldiers during World War II.âteau_de_Cocove
Château de Colembert 18th century In good condition Colembert Privately owned
Château de ContevalPernes-lès-Boulogne
Château de Couin 1745 Restored Couin ince 2002 , the castle knows a program of restoration particularly important. Open to the public since that time, it is a private among the most visited in the north of France castles.
Château de Créminil 1443 Estrée-Blanche The castle of Créminil (that is to say, the avenue of lime trees leading to the castle, the park surrounding parkland and bordered by the river Laquette) is a historical monument and the pre-registered inventory remarkable gardens.
Château du Denacre (ancien fief de Hil)18th-19th centurySaint-Martin-BoulognePrivately owned
Château du Denacre (ancien fief de la Ratière)18th centuryWimillePrivately owned
Château de Draëck
Château de Draëck 1707 Zutkerque Currently owned by Mr. Vantortelboom.âteau_de_Draëck
Château de Duisans18th centuryDuisansPrivately owned
Château d'Estruval18th-19th centuryVieil-HesdinPrivately owned
Château de Flers18th-19th centuryFlersOwned by a private company
Château de Fouquières-lès-Béthune16th-19th centuryFouquières-lès-BéthunePrivately owned
Château de Fressin 15th century Ruins Fressin Owned by the municipality
Château de Givenchy-le-Noble18th centuryGivenchy-le-NoblePrivately owned
Château de Grand-Rullecourt17th-18th centuryGrand-RullecourtOwned by a private company
Château attenant à l'église de HabarcqHabarcqPrivately owned
Château d'Hardelot 12th century Condette June 13, 2009, Cultural Center of the Entente Cordiale was born.
Château de HendecourtHendecourt-les-Cagnicourt
Château de Hénu18th centuryHénuPrivately owned
Château d'Hesdin-l'Abbé
Château d'Hermaville18th centuryHermavilleOwned by a private company
Château et ses dépendances Hesdigneul-lès-Béthune18th centuryHesdigneul-lès-BéthunePrivately owned
Château d'Hesdin-l'Abbé or Hôtel Cléry 1766 In good condition Hesdin-l'Abbé Najeti Hotels & Golf Clubs
Château de Humeroeuille18th centuryHumeroeuilleOwned by a private company
Château de Humières18th-19th centuryHumièresPrivately owned
Château de Laprée 1676 Quiestède The castle of Laprée is registered to pre-inventory outstanding gardens (the park, pond and vegetable garden).
Château de Liettres15th-19th centuryLiettresPrivately owned
Château de Laprée
Château Mercier 19th-20th century In good condition Mazingarbe Owned by the municipality
Château de GrenasPommera
Château de Grosville18th centuryRivièrePrivately owned
Château de la Morande18th centuryRoquetoirePrivately owned
Château-musée de Boulogne-sur-Mer In good condition Boulogne-sur-Mer It is a museum city of art and archeology, located in Boulogne-sur-Mer , department of Pas-de-Calais . Founded in 1825 , it has a variety of archaeological collections, including the first constituent assembly of France (excluding Paris ) for Greek ceramics , and a collection of Inuit art among the largest in the world.
Château-Neuf et Vieux-ChâteauSaint-Pol-sur-TernoisePrivately owned
Château de Neulette17th-18th centuryNeuletteOwned by a private company
Château d'Olhain 13th century Fresnicourt-le-Dolmen This is the finest example of a medieval fortress in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais. The castle is open to visitors during the summer, only the farm is inhabited.
Château d'Ordre18th centuryBaincthunPrivately owned
Château de La Palme18th centuryNortkerquePrivately owned
Château du Pas d'Authie19th centuryConchil-le-TemplePrivately owned
Château de Pas-en-Artois
Château de Penin16th-18th centuryPeninPrivately owned
Château de Pont-de-Briques 1640 Restored Saint-Léonard The castle of Pont-de-Briques was purchased and restored in 2000 by a real estate company that has been turned into apartments. The rooms occupied by Napoleon are rented by the agglomeration of Boulogne Community and will soon offer a space museum dedicated to the history of the Camp de Boulogne and the life of Napoleon in his privacy.
Château de QuesnoyBusnes
Château de Rebreuve-sur-Canche19th centuryRebreuve-sur-CanchePrivately owned
Château de Recq18th-19th centuryRecques-sur-CoursePrivately owned
Château de Rosamel18th centuryFrencqOwned by a private company
Château royal-citadelleMontreuil
Château et église Saint-Lambert18th-19th centuryWarlusOwned by the municipality
Château de Saint-Martin-Choquel18th centurySaint-Martin-ChoquelPrivately owned
Château de Salperwick17th-18th centurySalperwickPrivate property
Château de SaultySaulty
Château TilquesTilques
Château de Torcy19th centuryTorcyPrivately owned
Château de Tramecourt (Ambricourt)Ambricourt
Château de Tramecourt (Maisoncelle)MaisoncellePrivately owned
Château de Tramecourt (Tramecourt)Tramecourt
Château de Varlemont 17th century In good condition Barly Private property
Château de Verchin17th-19th centuryVerchinPrivately owned
Château La Villeneuve17th centuryBellebrunePrivately owned
Château de Villers-Brulin18th-19th centuryVillers-BrûlinPrivately owned
Château de Villers-Châtel14th-19th centuryVillers-ChâtelPrivately owned
Château de Wamin18th centuryWaminPrivately owned
Château du Westhove20th centuryBlendecquesOwned by the municipality
Château de Willeman18th centuryWillemanPrivately owned
Château de Wisques18th centuryWisquesPrivately owned
Domaine de Lozembrune18th-19th centuryWimillePrivately owned
Donjon de Bours 14th century Restored Bours This is one of the oldest noble house in the region. It currently houses the mayor of the town.
Enceinte castrale de Créquy12th-13th centuryCréquyOwned by a private company
Manoir de la BesvreWitternesse
Fort d'Ambleteuse 17th century Well preserved Ambleteuse This is the only coastal fort that has been preserved thanks to promoted by Dr. MeVaut and geologist Destombes restorations created for this purpose in the year 1960 the "Association of Friends of Fort Ambleteuse."
Fort RisbanCalais

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