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Châteaux of Pays de la Loire

This is the list of Châteaux in Pays de la Loire. It is one of the regions created in the late 20th century to serve as a zone of influence for its capital Nantes. It is consist of 5 departments: Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Sarthe, Vendée

We have listed 789 Chateaux in the Pays de la Loire region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 182 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Pays de la Loire that are not in our list, please let us know!

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Châteaux of Loire-Atlantique

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Ancenis 984 Ancenis It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since November 2, 1977.
Château de la BalinièreRezé
Château de la BégraisiereSaint-Herblain
Château de la Berrière15th-19th centuryBarbechatPrivate property
Château de Blain 13th century Blain It is classified as historical monuments, the June 15, 1977, the town bought the affected parts of the castle, the rest belonging to a private company.
Château de Bois-Briand 15th century Nantes Currently owned by the Delalonde Family. The apartments are arranged in the castle accommodation, student and worker in transit. Family and business meetings are also welcome. The gardener's house and "tavern" in the garden are available to friends and family to hold joyous celebrations.
Château de Bois Chevalier 1655 Legé The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1952 and listed in 1980.
Château du Bois-HueNantes
Château du Bois-Rouaud 15th century Rebuilt in 1905 Chéméré The castle was held by the daughter of Count Armand de Durfort, Marie Armand Laroche, (current owner).
Château du Bouffay 10th century Disappeared Nantes The Holy Cross Church which became attached to him and which served as the chapel of the castle still bears the belfry of said castle.âteau_du_Bouffay
Château du Buron
Château de la BourgonnièreSaint-Herblain
Château des ducs de Bretagne 13th century Nantes Owned by the municipality of Nantes and it is now use as museum, an exhibition and concert hall.
Château de la Bretesche 15th century In good condition Missillac It is transformed into a luxury hotel facilities and golf course.
Château de la Bretonnière 15th century In good condition Vigneux-de-Bretagne Privately owned
Château de Briacé 19th century In good condition Le Landreau Private property
Château de Briord Port-Saint-Père The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1980.
Château de Campbon 11th century Ruine Campbon The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1934.
Château de Caratel Louisfert The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1985.âteau_de_Caratel
Château de Careil 14th century Guérande After becoming a restaurant in the early xx th century, the site is currently occupied year now houses a place to visit that offers several unique visits.
Château de Carheil Plessé The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1980.âteau_de_Carheil
Château de Châteaubriant
Château de Chassay 16th century In good condition Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire It was bought by the municipality and it is currently the town hall.
Château de la Chauvelière 15th century In good condition Joué-sur-Erdre
Château de Châteaubriant 11th century In good condition Châteaubriant The "Golden House", which is the only room open to the public house is located upstairs. It is accessible by a spiral staircase installed in a square cage and ceiling decorated boxes.
Château de Château-ThébaudChâteau-Thébaud
Château de Chavagne 14th century Sucé-sur-Erdre The building was registered under the Historic Monuments in 1994.âteau_de_Chavagne
Château du ClairayVallet
Château de Clermont 1643 Cellier Registered historic monument on November 14, 1941. It is known to have been owned by the actor Louis de Funes (died 1983) and was the last residence.
Château de Clisson 13th century Clisson Today, the castle is open all year for tourists who are explanatory texts and videos explaining the clissonnaise history and architectural history of the building. Cultural events and shows are also organized.
Château de Conquereuil Conquereuil The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1954.âteau_de_Conquereuil
Château des Dervallières 19th century Ruins Nantes Private property
Château de l'Épinay 1650 Carquefou The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1963.
Château de l'Épinay
Logis seigneurial de l'Escuray
Château de la FrémoireVertou
Château de la Freudière
Château de la Freudière La Chevrolière The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1990âteau_de_la_Freudière
Château de la GalissonnièreLe Pallet
Château de Gesvres
Château de Gilles de Rais
Château de la Guibourgère
Château de la Gascherie La Chapelle-sur-Erdre The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 2001.
Château de la Gaudinière18th centuryNantesCity of Nantes
Château dit "de Gilles de Retz"13th-16th centuryMachecoulOwned by the municipality
Château de la GobinièreOrvault
Château de Goulaine 12th century Haute-Goulaine Since 1999, the castle welcomes Goulaine in his stables, art and advertising collection of the famous brand of biscuits Nantes (FR). In the 500 meters, the furniture of the old shop, Rue Boileau, are presented with rare items, advertisements, and even the original painting of "The Little Schoolboy" from 1897.
Château de la GournerieSaint-Herblain
Château du Goust 14th century Ruine Malville Around 1627-1628, the castle was dismantled by order of Richelieu. The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 2008.
Château du Grand Blottereau 18th century In good condition Nantes Owned by the municipality
Château de Granville 1825 Restored Port-Saint-Père The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1992.
Château de la Guibourgère Teillé The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1982.
Château du Haut-Gesvres
Château de Ker AulenFrossay
Château de Kervy
Château de Launay18th centurySucé-sur-ErdrePrivately owned
Château de Lauvergnac
Château de Lucinière
Château de Lucinière 17th century Joué-sur-Erdre The castle chapel, the orangery, the dining room and decor trim are subject to registration under the Historic Monuments since December 9, 1985.
Château de Machecoul 13th-16th century Ruins Machecoul Private property
Château de la Madeleine 12th-19th century In good condition Loireauxence
Château de la Madeleine dit Palais Briau19th centuryVaradesPrivately owned
Château MercœurIndre
Château de Maubreuil
Château de La Desnerie 15th-19th century La Chapelle-sur-Erdre Private property
Château de la Morlière 18th century Orvault It is registered under the historical monuments in 2011.
Château de la Motte-Glain 15th century In good condition La Chapelle-Glain Itn/ is open to the public and offers rooms for hire.
Château de la Noë Bel-Air
Château de l'Oiselinière 1822 Gorges General Louis-Alexandre Audibert (1874 -1955), resistant and Member of Lower Loire, retreated to the Castle after his political career, and spent the last nine years of life.
Château de la Noë de Bel Air 19th century In good condition Vallet Private property
Château d'Oudon 14th-15th century In good condition Oudon State property
Château de la PersagotièreNantes
Château de la Pinelais 19th century Saint-Père-en-Retz It occupies the site of a former manor house that belonged to the MN Saulnier Pinelais (painter of the Navy).âteau_de_la_Pinelais
Château de Pirmil 14th century Ruins Nantes Private property
Château du Plessis Casson The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1989.
Château du Plessis-de-Vair 12th century In good condition Anetz Open to visitors and it host wedding and other events. The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1980 and 2003.
Château du Plessis-Mareil Saint-Viaud The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1978.
Château de Pordor 14th century In good condition Avessac Privately owned
Château de Pornic 12th century Pornic Today, the building is not open and it is private property.
Château de PortillonVertou
Château de la PoterieLa Chapelle-sur-Erdre
Château de Princé 13th century Ruins Chaumes-en-Retz Private property
Château de Quéhillac 16th-17th century Ruined Bouvron Private property
Château de la Rairie Pont-Saint-Martin The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1989.âteau_de_la_Rairie
Château de Ranrouët
Château de Ranrouët 12th century Herbignac In 1929, the castle was bought by the daughter of Gaston Ecomard. She and her husband, Henri Menager, consolidate the ruins and begin to partially restore the site. In the 1980s, their heirs sell the General Council, which opened to the public.
Château de Retail 15th century Legé The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1974.
Château Saint-Clair Derval The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1925.
Château de Saint-Mars-de-Coutais Saint-Mars-de-Coutais The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1982.âteau_de_Saint-Mars-de-Coutais
Château de Saint-Mars-la-Jaille 14th century Restored Saint-Mars-la-Jaille Now owned by the family of Cosse-Brissac. The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1994âteau_de_Saint-Mars-la-Jaille
Château de la Seilleraye 1671 Carquefou The castle was used as a home dependent medical cure CHU Nantes. It is the subject of a rehabilitation project to install the private apartments.
Château de SouchéSaint-Aignan-Grandlieu
Château de Tesson 15th-18th century In good condition Guérande
Château de Thouaré 17th-19th century In good condition Thouaré-sur-Loire Privately owned
Logis de la Touche La Limouzinière The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1996.
Château de la Touche Nozay The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1988.
Château de la TourOrvault
Château de Trévaly 13th century In good condition La Turballe Private property
Château de Tuloc 17th-19th century In good condition Guérande Private property
Château de la Villejégu Couffé The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1984.âteau_de_la_Villejégu
Château de VilleneuvePornichet
Château de la Vrillière La Chapelle-Basse-Mer The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 2001.
Château de la Vrillière 17th century In good condition Divatte-sur-Loire Private property
Folie de la GibrayeSaint-Sébastien-sur-Loire
Gentilhommière de la Meslerie 18th century In good condition Saint-Julien-de-Concelles Privately owned
Logis seigneurial de l'EscuraPrinquiau
Logis de la Sénaigerie 16th-17th century In good condition Bouaye Private property
Manoir de Bréhet 17th-19th century In good condition La Turballe Private property
Manoir de la DixmerieLe Loroux-Bottereau
Manoir de la Hautière 14th century In good condition Nantes Private property
Manoir de la Hélardière Donges
Manoir de Kerpondarmes 15th century In good condition Guérande Private property
Manoir de Kersalio 15th century Ruined Guérande Owned by the Conseil départemental de la Loire-Atlantique
Manoir de Kervaudu 15th century In good condition Le Croisic Private property
Manoir de l'OrgeraieRougé
Manoir de la Paclais In good condition Saint-Herblain Private property
Manoir de la Petite-HaieGrand-Auverné
Manoir de la PlacelièreChâteau-Thébaud
Manoir de la Touche 15th century In good condition Nantes Private property
Manoir de la VignetteLe Cellier
Château de la Villejégu
Villa de la Chantrerie 18th century In good condition Nantes Privately owned

Châteaux of Maine-et-Loire

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château de l'Ambroise16th-18th centurySaint-SulpicePrivately owned
Château d'Angers 13th century Angers The tour is free, with visitors documents in 9 languages or audio guides. Guided tours of the tapestry of the Apocalypse are available everyday. A restaurant, the Logis Governor is installed inside the enclosure.
Château d'Angrie19th centuryAngriePrivately owned
Château d'Aubigné11th-15th centuryAubigné-sur-LayonPrivately owned
Château de la Baronnière18th-19th centuryChapelle-Saint-Florent (La)Privately owned
Château de la Beuvrière Grez-Neuville
Château de Brézé
Château du Bas-PlessisChaudron-en-MaugesPrivately owned
Château de Baugé 15th century In good condition Baugé Owned by the town and it is not a museum.
Château de Beauchesne18th centuryChamptocé-sur-LoirePrivately owned
Château de Beaufort-en-Vallée (ruines)14th-15th centuryBeaufort-en-ValléeOwned by the municipality
Château de Beaulieu17th-18th centurySaumurPrivately owned
Château de Béliant-RisseauBrain sur l'Authion
Château de la Berthière17th centuryPlessis-Grammoire (Le)Privately owned
Château de la Beuvriére Grez-Neuville 1384 Rebuilt in 19th century Grez-Neuville The present castle was built around 1867 in the heart of a large agricultural area on the site of an older castle destroyed in 1864.
Château de Beuzon16th centuryEcouflantPrivately owned
Château du Bois17th-18th centurySoulaire-et-BourgPrivately owned
Château de Bois-Geslin16th centuryArmailléPrivately owned
Château du Bois-GuignotMoyen Age 18th centuryBécon-les-GranitsPrivately owned
Château du Bois Saumoussay (ancien)16th centuryChacéPrivately owned
Château-Bosset ou château Bocé15th-17th centuryDurtalPrivately owned
Château du Bouchet 16th-18th century In good condition Lasse Privately owned
Château de Bouillé-Théval (ancien)16th-17th centuryMontguillonPrivately owned
Château de Boumois 16th century Restored Saint-Martin-de-la-Place The restoration is 30 years, the result of a lot of sacrifice and a willingness to restore the monument to its original appearance. The entire walkway was dismantled stone by stone and reassembled.âteau_de_Boumois
Château de la Bourgonnière16th-19th centuryBouzilléPrivately owned
Château de Bourmont 16th century Freigné It is registered (partially) a historical monument , by order of 29 January 1993.
Château de Brézé 16th century Brézé Castle Breze is a private property owned by John Colbert, son of the late Mr. Earl Bernard Colbert and the late Charlotte Marquise de Dreux-Breze.
Château de Briacé18th centurySaumurPrivately owned
Château de Brissac 11th century Brissac-Quincé It is the property and residence of the Dukes of Brissac. It is classified as a historical monument since November 3, 1958.
Château des Buhardsmilieu 19th centuryJumellière (La)Owned by a private company
Château La CailleterieLa Meignanne
Château de Chacé17th centuryChacéOwned by the municipality
Château de Challain-la-Potherie 19th century Challain-la-Potherie The castle was partially registered historic monument July 3, 1980.
Château de Champiré15th-18th centuryGrugé-l'HôpitalPrivate property
Château de Champtocé 13th century Ruine Champtocé-sur-Loire Apart from the presence of a well, the layout of the interior of the court remains unknown due to lack of archaeological studies.
Château de Chanzeaux18th-19th centuryChanzeauxPrivate property
Château de Chartrené 15th-16th century In good condition Chartrené Privately owned
Château de Chavigné17th-19th centuryBrionPrivately owned
Château de Chemillé12th-13th centuryChemilléOwned by the municipality
Château de la Chetardière18th-19th centurySainte-Gemmes-d'AndignéPrivate property
Château de Chevigné17th centurySaint-Georges-sur-LoirePrivately owned
Château des Cloîtres19th centuryChemilléOwned by the municipality
Château Colbert17th-19th centuryMaulévrierPrivately owned
Château du Coudray-Montbault16th-18th centuryVihiersPrivately owned
Château de la Cour de Cellières18th centuryJuvardeilPrivately owned
Château des Coutures19th centuryVivyPrivately owned
Château de Danne19th centurySaint-Martin-du-BoisPrivately owned
Château de Durtal 11th century Durtal It is now offers Bed and breakfast, receptions & seminars and open for visits.
Château d'Echarbot17th-19th centurySaint-Sylvain-d'AnjouOwned by a private company
Château d'Echuilly18th centuryVerchers-sur-Layon (Les)Privately owned
Château d'Epinats17th-18th centuryCizay-la-MadeleinePrivately owned
Château de la Faucille17th centuryHôtellerie-de-Flée (L')Owned by the municipality
Château du Fresne16th-19th centuryAuversePrivately owned
Château de la FrogerieMaulévrier
Château de Gatine16th centuryFougeréOwned by a private company
Château de Grésillon
Château de Gilles de Rays (restes)Champtocé-sur-LoirePrivately owned
Château de la Girottière (ancien)Longué-JumellesPrivately owned
Château de Gonnord (restes)Valanjou
Château La GoujonnaieLa Meignanne
Château de la Grandière16th-18th centuryGrez-NeuvilleOwned by a private company
Château du Grand-Riou15th centuryTignéPrivately owned
Château de Grésillon 18th century Baugé Cultural works mainly at home during school holidays and offers a varied program of linguistic and thematic courses. It welcomes in particular the training camp for the International Mathematical Olympiad every summer between 2007 and 2011.
Château de la Grézille (ancien)Moyen Age ; 13th-17th centuryAmbillou-ChâteauPrivately owned
Château de la Haute-Guerche 13th-16th century In good condition Saint-Aubin-de-Luigné Privately owned
Château des Hayes Gasselin (ruines)14th-16th centuryAndrezéPrivately owned
Château de Huillé13th-18th centuryHuilléPrivately owned
Château de Jarzé15th-19th centuryJarzéPrivate property
Château de Lancrau15th-19th centuryChamptocé-sur-LoirePrivately owned
Château de Landeronde15th-17th centuryBécon-les-GranitsPrivately owned
Château de Lathan17th-19th centuryBreilPrivate property
Château de Launay15th centuryVillebernierPrivately owned
Château de Launay-Baffert19th centuryChavaignesPrivately owned
Château de Laveau17th centurySaint-Georges-du-BoisPrivately owned
Château de la Lorie17th-18th centuryChapelle-sur-Oudon (La)Privately owned
Château Le Lavouër 18th century In good condition Neuvy-en-Mauges Privately owned
Château de Mantelon16th-18th centuryDenéePrivately owned
Château de Marson 19th-20th century In good condition Rou-Marson Privately owned
Château de Martigné-Briand Martigné-Briand The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1926.
Château de Maurepart15th-19th centuryBrignéPrivately owned
Château de la Mauvoisinière17th-19th centuryBouzilléOwned by the municipality
Château de la Montchevalleraie 17th century In good condition Aviré
Château de Montgeoffroy 18th century Mazé The telefilm Marcel Bluwal The Game of Love and Chance was shot entirely in 1966 in the park and various parts of the castle.
Château de Montivert 19th century In good condition Vieil-Baugé (Le) Privately owned
Château de Montreuil-Bellay 12th century Montreuil-Bellay After the revolutionary period, the castle became by marriage the property of Grandmaison family, some members of which were mayors of the city or senator.
Château de Montriou15th-19th centuryFeneuPrivately owned
Château de Montsabert14th-16th centuryCouturesOwned by an association
Château de Montsoreau 15th century Restored Montsoreau After the last restoration in 1999, the castle reopens to the public on 6 July 2001 and has a sound and light path.
Château de Morains15th centurySaumurPrivately owned
Château de la Morinière17th centurySoulaines-sur-AubancePrivately owned
Château de la Motte-Grollier17th-19th centuryDurtalPrivately owned
Château de Narcé (ancien)18th centuryBrain-sur-l'AuthionOwned by the municipality
Château de Noizé
Château de Noizé 1755 Rebuilt Soulaines-sur-Aubance It is now a private estate.
Château des Noyers15th-17th centuryMartigné-BriandOwned by a private company
Château d'Orgemont18th centuryAngersPrivately owned
Château de Parpacé16th centuryBocéPrivately owned
Château du Plessis-Bourré
Château du Plessis-Macé
Château médiéval de Pouancé
Château de Passavant11th-15th centuryPassavant-sur-LayonPrivately owned
Château de Percher16th centurySaint-Martin-du-BoisPrivately owned
Château du Périneau-Verrières18th centuryTrélazéPrivately owned
Château de la Perraudière17th-18th centuryLué-en-BaugeoisPrivately owned
Château de la Perrière 17th-18th century In good condition Avrillé Owned by a private company
Château du Petit-Serrant et ses communs18th centuryBouchemainePrivately owned
Château de Pignerolle 1776 Restored Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou Many activities are organized today at the Castle Museum of Communication: guided tours for children, educational workshops, entertainment, carriage rides, visits to the park one of the bunkers.
Château de Pimpéan15th-18th centuryGrézilléPrivately owned
Château du Pin15th-20th centuryChamptocé-sur-LoireOwned by a private company
Château du Plessis-Bourré 1468 Écuillé In 1978 Antoinette Ferrieres Sauveboeuf born Cross, granddaughter of the Duke of Dalmatia and her husband Bruno de Ferrieres Sauveboeuf are appointed by descent to manage the castle. They live in the house with their three children until 2009 and ensure maintenance by opening to the public in 1981.
Château du Plessis-Greffier15th-18th centuryHuilléPrivately owned
Château du Plessis-Macé 13th century Plessis-Macé In 2008 , some scenes of The Lady of Monsoreau were filmed at the castle. Open to visitors.
Château de PocéDistré
Château de Ponts-de-Cé (Les)Ponts-de-Cé (Les)
Château du Pont-de-Varenne16th-18th centuryLouresse-RochemenierPrivately owned
Château médiéval de Pouancé 13th century Pouancé The medieval castle is open to the public from mid-June to late August. The tour lasts one hour and no visit is free.
Château du Raguin17th centuryChazé-sur-ArgosPrivately owned
Château Rivet15th-16th centuryPonts-de-Cé (Les)Privately owned
Château de la Roche-Jacquelin15th-18th centuryDaumerayPrivately owned
Château de la Roche 18th-19th century In good condition Noyant-la-Gravoyère Privately owned
Château de la Romanerie18th centurySaint-Barthélemy-d'AnjouPrivately owned
Château de la Rousselière18th centurySoulaire-et-BourgPrivately owned
Château du Rouvoltz18th-19th centuryChaumont-d'AnjouPrivately owned
Château des Rues19th centuryChenillé-ChangéPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Hénis15th-16th centuryAndignéPrivately owned
Château Saint-QuentinLa Meignanne
Château Saint-VenantLa Meignanne
Château de Sancé16th-18th centurySaint-Martin-d'ArcéPrivately owned
Château de La Saulaie15th-19th centuryCandéPrivately owned
Château de Saumur 10th century Saumur The city bought the castle in the state and gradually renovating, settles the Museum of Decorative Arts.
Château de Serrant 16th century In good condition Saint-Georges-sur-Loire Currently owned by Prince Charles and Princess de Merode.
Château de Somloire16th centurySomloirePrivately owned
Château de la SorinièreChemilléOwned by the municipality
Château de Soucelles17th-18th centurySoucellesPrivate property
Château de Soulanger ou château des Basses-Minières18th centuryDoué-la-FontaineOwned by the municipality
Château de Souvigné18th-19th centuryDenéePrivately owned
Château de la Touche-Savary17th-18th centurySaint-Germain-des-PrésPrivately owned
Château de la Turmelière
Château de la Tour du Pin (restes)Fontaine-GuérinPrivately owned
Château de la Thibaudière19th centuryMontreuil-JuignéPrivately owned
Château de la Turmelière 13th century Ruine Liré Today the ruins belong to the municipality of Liré. The castle during the 19th century is the headquarters of the association "the Turmelière" which hosts many school, college, school and university students as well as many tourists who come to discover this place full of history and poetry.
Château de Varenne (La)19th centuryVarenne (La)Privately owned
Château de Vaux (Chaumont-d'Anjou)14th-20th centuryChaumont-d'AnjouPrivately owned
Château de Vaux (Miré)15th centuryMiréPrivately owned
Château du Verger 15th century Ruine Seiches-sur-le-Loir It remains today the influence of the old castle and its forecourt (ie the remains of the castle itself, the facades and roofs of buildings forecourt, golf attitude who match, the moats and walls counterscarp moats).
Château de Vaux (Miré)15th centuryMiréPrivately owned
Château de Vernée (Champteussé-sur-Baconne)17th-19th centuryChampteussé-sur-BaconnePrivately owned
Château de Vernée (Querré)Querré
Château du Vieux Bagneux13th-18th centurySaumurPrivately owned
Château et " ville close "Moyen AgeChamptoceauxPrivate property
Château de la Ville-au-Fourrier15th-19th centuryVernoilPrivately owned
Château de Villeneuve14th-15th centuryMartigné-BriandPrivately owned
Domaine du château de Bussy-Fontaines15th-18th centuryVerchers-sur-Layon (Les)Privately owned
Domaine de ChateaubriantSainte-Gemmes-sur-LoirePrivately owned
Domaine du château de Varennes17th centurySavennièresOwned by a private company
Manoir de la Coutardière, ancien château15th-17th centuryBrissarthePrivately owned
Seigneurie du bois (anciens bâtiments)15th-16th centuryCoudray-Macouard (Le)Privately owned
Site castral de Milly-le-Meugon16th-17th centuryGennesOwned by the municipality

Châteaux of Mayenne

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Camp de Beugy 1083 Ruine Sainte-Suzanne Open to visitors.
Château d'Ampoigné 17th century Ampoigné It is registered as historical monument since January 26, 1987
Château de l'Aune Montgenard
Château de l'AngellerieBeaulieu-sur-Oudon
Château de l'AnsaudièreSaint-Martin-du-Limet
Château d'AnthenaiseLa Chapelle-Anthenaise
Château des Arcis (Buret (Le))Buret (Le)
Château des Arcis (Meslay-du-Maine)16th-19th centuryMeslay-du-MainePrivately owned
Château l'Ardrier Montigné-le-Brillant
Château d’AronAron
Château de l'AubinièreArquenay
Château de l'AulneLa Bazouge-des-Alleux
Château de l'AunayMarigné-Peuton
Château de l'AuneChâlons-du-Maine
Château d'AuversBonchamp-lès-Laval
Château des AuzuzièresJuvigné
Château d'AvertonAverton
Château de BaillyLa Chapelle-Rainsouin
Château de Bourg l'Évêque
Château du BailleulGorron
Château de la BallueForcé
Château de la BarbottièreAhuillé
Château de la BarillièreLa Croixille
Château de la BarreBierné
Château du Bas-du-GastLaval
Château de Bas MaignéMontenay
Château du Bas MontMoulay
Château du BaubignéFromentières
Château de la BauteraisSimplé
Château de BazeilleLe Ham
Château de Beaubigné15th-19th centuryFromentièresPrivate property
Château de BeauchêneSaint-Saturnin-du-Limet
Château de BeaulieuBeaulieu-sur-Oudon
Château de BeaumontSaint-Denis-d'Anjou
Château de la Béchère16th-17th centuryDeux-ÉvaillesPrivate property
Château de Bel-AirSaint-Poix
Château de BellebrancheSaint-Brice
Château de BellevueSaint-Denis-de-Gastines
Château de la BermondièreSaint-Julien-du-Terroux
Château du Bignon BonchampsSaint-Laurent-des-Mortiers
Château de la BigottièreLouverné
Château des BigottièresMaisoncelles-du-Maine
Château des BoisSaint-Pierre-sur-Orthe
Château du Bois-BellerayMartigné-sur-Mayenne
Château du BreilContest
Château du Bois CuilléCuillé
Château de Bois FlècheMartigné-sur-Mayenne
Château de Bois FrouLassay-les-Châteaux
Château du Bois GamastLaval
Château du Bois-Jourdan17th centuryBouèrePrivately owned
Château du Bois du Maine 15th-17th century In good condition Rennes-en-Grenouilles Privately owned
Château de La Boissière 12th-17th century In good condition Boissière (La) Privately owned
Château du Bois-du-PinBazougers
Château du Bois-RobertPréaux
Château de Bois-SalairSaint-Georges-Buttavent
Château du Bois Thibault 15th century Lassay-les-Châteaux The castle is regularly the scene of the events were organized by the Cultural Association Lassay-les-Châteaux. Since May 8, 2013, the Castle opens its doors to the public through free or guided tours, free. For the first year, so the castle opens a regular basis.
Château de BordeauxBrée
Château de la BossivièreArgenton-Notre-Dame
Château de la BoucheCommer
Château de la Bouche d'UzureBouchamps-lès-Craon
Château de la BouchefolièreSimplé
Château de Bouillé 15th century Ruine Torcé-Viviers-en-Charnie It remains today of the old castle tower converted into a house.
Château de Bourg l'EvèqueSimplé
Château de Bourgon 15th century Restored Montourtier It was bought in 2004 by Mr. and Mrs. Ducatillon, a couple from the North of France. The French Heritage Society made ??a donation in 2009 to the restoration of the castle and major roofing are scheduled for 2010-2012, approved by the Historic House.
Château de Bourg l'EvèqueSimplé
Château de la BourrièreSaint-Berthevin
Château de la BouverieOlivet
Château de la BozéeBazougers
Château de BréeBrée
Château de la BréhonnièreAstillé
Château de BréonMarigné-Peuton
Château de Bréon-SubertDaon
Château de BriacéEntrammes
Château les BrossesSaint-Berthevin
Château de la BrossonnièreChemazé
Château de la CarrièreLa Cropte
Château de la Courbe de Brée
Château de Courtaliéru
Château de Champfleury 15th century Arquenayâteau_de_Champfleury
Château de Champfleury (Fromentières)Fromentières
Château de ChanayGrez-en-Bouere
Château de ChangéChangé
Château de ChanteilMéral
Château de ChantepieThuboeuf
Château de la Chapelle-RainsouinLa Chapelle-Rainsouin
Château de Château-Gontier 13th century In good condition Château-Gontier Privately owned
Château du ChatelierSaint-Berthevin
Château de la ChaussonnerieSaint-Jean-sur-Mayenne
Château de Chellé Ruins Hambers Privately owned
Château du ChêneChâteau-Gontier
Château de la ChevalerieChâtelain
Château de la ChevrollièreAmpoigné
Château de la ChevronnaisCongrier
Château de Clavières19th centuryLe Bignon-du-MaineLouis Guays des Touches
Château de ClivoyChailland
Château de CorbussonSaint-Berthevin
Château de la CornesseLa Brulatte
Château du Coudray15th-18th centurySaint-Denis-du-MainePrivately owned
Château des CouransLonguefuye
Château de la Cour (Ambrières-les-Vallées)Ambrières-les-Vallées
Château de la Cour (Assé-le-Bérenger)Assé-le-Bérenger
Château de la Cour (Châtelain)Châtelain
Château de la Cour (Fromentières)Fromentières
Château de la Cour (Grazay)Grazay
Château de la Cour (Laubrières)Laubrières
Château de la Cour (Sainte-Gemmes-le-Robert)Sainte-Gemmes-le-Robert
Château de la Cour (Vautorte)Vautorte
Château de la Courbe de Brée 12th century Brée It is registered as historical monument 1995.
Château de CourcellesNuillé-sur-Vicoin
Château de Courceriers 16th-17th century Ruins Saint-Thomas-de-Courceriers Privately owned
Château de la Cour d'OuetteEntrammes
Château de CourgésChailland
Château de Courtaliéru 13th century Ruine Vimarcé The chateau became the property of the house of Vasse. Although destroyed, the site still retained the title of lordship.
Château de Craon 1770 Craon This remained the domain owner until 1954, when it gives way to Count Louis Guébriant, father of the current owner. The castle was converted into luxury guest rooms.
Château de la Croisnière17th centurySaulgesPrivately owned
Château de DavietBouère
Château du DomaineLaubrières
Château de la DrugeotterieEntrammes
Château de la DucherieSaint-Céneré
Château des EcorcesChemazé
Château d'EntrammesEntrammes
Château de l'EpinayCossé-le-Vivien
Château d'Erbrée19th centuryFromentièresPrivately owned
Château de l'Escoublère 17th century Daon It is registered as historical monument 1927.
Château des EtoyèresSaint-Céneré
Château des Écorces
Hôtel des Éperons
Maison forte de l'Éperonnière
Château de l'Escoublère
Château des Étoyères
Château de la FautraiseArgenton-Notre-Dame
Manoir de la Fertré
Château de la FenardièreSaint-Berthevin
Château de la FertéSaint-Denis-de-Gastines
Château de Feu18th centuryJuvignéPrivately owned
Château de la FeuilléeLa Bigottière
Château de FontenailleSaint-Pierre-des-Landes
Château de la ForgeChailland
Château de la Forge (Chémeré-le-Roi)Chémeré-le-Roi
Château du FouillouxSaint-Germain-le-Fouilloux
Château de Foulletorte 16th century Saint-Georges-sur-Erve Castle Foulletorte being private, the interior can not be visited. Exterior visit only: you can move through the alley to the bridge above the courtyard, where you have a beautiful view of this house.
Château de FrénaySaint-Mars-sur-Colmont
Château de Fresnay 15th century Bourgneuf-la-Forêt It is registered as historical monument 1994.
Château du Fresne 16th-17th century In good condition Champéon Privately owned
Château de la FutaieSaint-Mars-sur-la-Futaie
Château le GasseauVimarcé
Château de Gaudré
Camp de Gènes
Château de Goué
Château de GastinesChemazé
Château de la GaudinièreForcé
Château de la GirardièreSaint-Jean-sur-Mayenne
Château de la GoinièreAndouillé
Château de GondinSaint-Jean-sur-Mayenne
Château de Goué 14th century Fougerolles-du-Plessis It is registered as historical monument 1973
Château du Grand Coudray 17th century In good condition Villaines-la-Juhel Private property
Château de la Grande HayeDésertines
Château de la Grande JallerieDaon
Château du Grand VahaisErnée
Château de la GrenottièreLa Chapelle-Anthenaise
Château de GrenousseSaint-Céneré
Château de GrenusseArgentré
Château de la GuénaudièreGrez-en-Bouère
Château des Guées de PierresLivet
Château de Hauterive 13th century Argentré The outer castle and gardens are opent to visitors.âteau_de_Hauterive_(Argentré)
Château de Hauteville 14th century Charchigné Its ruins stand atop a hill, on a statelly land that fell within Lassay.
Château du Haut FresneSacé
Château du Haut MéralMontsûrs
Château de HerfroideLa Cropte
Château de la HoussayeL'Huisserie
Château du HouxVautorte
Château des Ifs16th centuryMontsûrsPrivately owned
Château de l'Ile du GastSaint-Fraimbault-de-Prières
Château de la JacopièreCraon
Château de la JaffetièreChangé
Château de la JupelièreMaisoncelles-du-Maine
Château de la JuvardièreSacé
Château de Juvigné Juvigné
Château de Lancheneil et ses anciens colombiersNuillé-sur-VicoinPrivately owned
Château de LevaréLevaréPrivate company
Château de la Lande de Niafles 16th century Niafles It is registered as historical monument 1987âteau_de_la_Lande_de_Niafles
Château de LanfrièreMontjean
Château de Lassay 12th century Lassay-les-Châteaux It is now a private residence.
Château du LattayAndouillé
Château de Launay-VilliersLaunay Villiers
Château de Laval 12th century Restored. Laval It is restored from 1911 and it is open to the public in 1920. The courts, for their part, leaving the Chateau Neuf in 1998, when an inner wall collapses. The building is now in poor condition and a new courthouse was built from 2003 to 2006 on the Place Saint-Tugal . The Chateau Neuf is then restored. The old Court of Justice to host a reception and dinner must be installed at the southern angle.
Château de Lévaré 11th century Levaré In 2001, it is Francoise and Henri-Jean Anglade Bosc acquiring Castle Levaré and undertake new work (electrical, plumbing, bathroom, kitchen ...) to live there and revive the castle.âteau_de_Lévaré
Château des Linières17th centuryBalléePrivately owned
Château de la LizièreMaisoncelles-du-Maine
Château de LouisevalAmbrières-les-Vallées
Château de LozéAmbrières-les-Vallées
Château de LucéSaint-Denis-du-Maine
Château de LuignéCoudray
Château des LutzDaon
Château de Magnanne 17th century In good condition Ménil Privately owned
Château de la MalvandièreArquenay
Château de Marthebise
Site fortifié du Ménil-Barré
Château de la Marie 1577 Alexain It has a main building attic and flanked by two pavilions lowered. All stands near a neo-Gothic chapel. This sanctuary retains over one of its windows, the memory of the legend of Our Lady to the Swarm.âteau_de_la_Marie_(Alexain)
Château de la MarignyAlexain
Château de la Maroutière13th-15th centurySaint-FortPrivately owned
Château de Mausson (Landivy) 15th-16th century In good condition Landivy Private property
Château de Mausson (Lassay-les-Châteaux)Lassay-les-Châteaux
Château de MauvinetRuillé-Froids-Fonds
Château de Mayenne 8th century Mayenne The castle is the only archaeological site in the national interest of the Pays de la Loire , Mayenne Castle is the subject of a study from 1996 on masonry elevation. Built to assert power Carolingian face Bretons and Normans , a palace, preserved on three levels, was gradually contained in defensive structures to become a real castle.
Château de MayneufQuelaines-Saint-Gault
Château de la MazureForcé
Château de MégaudaisSaint-Pierre-des-Landes
Château de la MénardièreBeaulieu-sur-Oudon
Château de la MénaudièreSaint Cyr-le-Gravelais
Château du Mesnil dit Mesnil-BarréSaint-Germain-le-Guillaume
Château de MinzéChâtelain
Château de MirvaultChâteau-Gontier
Château de MoiréCoudray
Château de la MonnerieSaint-Germain-d'Anxure
Château du MontaiguArgentré
Château de MontchevrierNuillé-sur-Vicoin
Château de MontcroixLa Brulatte
Château de Montecler 16th century Châtres-la-Forêt Privately owned. It is registered as historical monument 2011.
Château de Montesson 15th century Bais Castle Montesson remained long the property of Montesson family, but lack of resources, they had to sell to individuals.
Château de Montflaux 14th century Saint-Denis-de-Gastines Father Angot, reported at the beginning of 20th century, the castle gallery had portraits of the family Froullay, elbowing those revolutionary or brand Republicans as Ledru-Rollin and Cavaignacs, other remarkable paintings and memories of Talleyrand-Périgord, where the table was signed forfeiture of Napoleon I.
Château de Montgiroux Saint-Germain-d'Anxure
Château de Montguerré Montenay
Château de Montjean 15th century Ruine Montjean On 15 August 1818, Mr. Morin Blottais of receipt of the family of the Tr&eacte;moille, the earth and the old castle for 80,000 francs.
Château de Montsûrs 19th century Ruins Montsûrs
Château de la MorlièreL'Huisserie
Château de Mortiercrolles 15th century Saint-Quentin-les-Anges It is registered as historical monument 1924.âteau_de_Mortiercrolles
Château de la MortièreSaint-Denis-d'Anjou
Château de Mortreux16th centuryDaonPrivately owned
Château de la MotteMadré
Château de la Motte-BabinLouverné
Château de la Motte-Daudier 16th century Niaflesâteau_de_la_Motte-Daudier
Château de la Motte-HenryArquenayPrivately owned
Château de la Motte-HussonMartigné
Château la Motte-SerrantMontflours
Château du Moulin RailléCoudray
Château de MythèmeMartigné-sur-Mayenne
Château Neuf16th-19th centuryLavalOwned by the municipality
Manoir des Nuillés
Château de NeuvilleSaint-Sulpice
Château de NeuvilletteJublains
Château des NicolièresNiafles
Château de Noirieux 18th-19th century In good condition Saint-Laurent-des-Mortiers Privately owned
Château d'OrangeSaint-Jean-sur-Mayenne
Château de l'OrbièreForcé
Château de l'OrgerieAverton
Château de PannardErnée
Château de Poligné
Château de la Provôterie
Château de la PatrièreCourbeveille
Château de la Petite SevaudièreBouère
Château de la Pihoraye17th centuryPontmainPrivately owned
Château du Pin de Préaux 15th century Ruine Préaux The Pine Mill, located on the left bank depended on the territory of Beaumont.âteau_du_Pin_de_Préaux
Château des PlacesDaon
Château des PlainsLe Bignon-du-Maine
Château le PlessisParné-sur-Roc
Château du Plessis-Bochard18th centurySaint-Pierre-des-NidsPrivately owned
Château du Plessis de Cosmes 16th century Cosmes It is now a farm.âteau_du_Plessis_de_Cosmes
Château du Plessis-Buret 16th century Ruine Sainte-Gemmes-le-Robert It is now aâteau_du_Plessis-Buret
Château des PoiriersLoigné-sur-Mayenne
Château de Poligné 18th century Bonchamp-lès-Laval At the beginning of 20th century, built on the avenue, a vast underground chapel richly coated with white marble walls. A group of the same material remembers vividly her death that this chapel is the burial vault.âteau_de_Poligné
Château de Poligny19th centuryForcéPrivately owned
Château de Port-BrilletPort-Brillet
Château de la PorteMénil
Château de la PoupelièreAhuillé
Château du PuyRuillé-Froid-Fonds
Château et parc du Puy17th centuryRuillé-Froid-FondsPrivately owned
Château du PuyzSaint-Martin-de-Connée
Château de la RagottièreAstillé
Château du Ricoudet
Manoir de Rouessé
Château de RigardonSaint-Denis-de-Gastines
Château de RigohautArgentré
Château de la Roche (Ahuillé)Ahuillé
Château de la Roche (Origné)Origné
Château de la Roche-Pichemer 13th-16th century In good condition Saint-Ouën-des-Vallons Privately owned
Château du Rocher 13th century Mézangers The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since August 13, 1963.
Château du Rocher (Entrammes)Entrammes
Château des RochèresMeslay-du-Maine
Château des RochersBouchamps-lès-Craon
Château des RochesLouvigné
Château de la Rongère (Houssay)16th-17th centuryHoussayOwned by a private company
Château de la Rongère (La Croixille)La Croixille
Château de la Rongère (Saint-Sulpice) 13th century Saint-Sulpice Owned by a Private property.âteau_de_la_Rongère_(Saint-Sulpice)
Château du RoncerayLouverné
Château du Roseray18th centuryBallotsPrivately owned
Château de RouesseLaval
Château de la RoussardièreQuelaines-Saint-Gault
Château de Saint-AmadourLa Selle-Craonnaise
Château de Saint-Ouen de Chemazé
Château de la Sionnière
Château de la Subrardière
Château de Thévalles
Château de Thorigné-en-Charnie
Château de Thuré
Château de Saint-MelaineLaval
Château de Sainte-Suzanne 10th century In good condition Sainte-Suzanne Open to the public under the Interpretation Centre of Architecture and Landscape.
Château de Saint-Ouen de Chemazé 16th century Chemazé The monument is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since December 13, 1923.
Château de Senonnes 16th century Senonnes The abbot Angot described at the beginning of the 20th century the castle as an imposing dark mass, located in the village, which goes in ruins, though inhabited in part by the farmer.
Château de la SevaudièreBouchamps-lès-Craon
Château de la SicorieSaint-Germain-le-Guillaume
Château de la Sionnière 15th century Argenton-Notre-Dame The castle and especially the caves are plundered by the battalions of the Nièvre and Calvados staying there, September 11, 1794âteau_de_la_Sionnière_(Argenton)
Château de Soulgé13th centurySaulgesOwned by a private company
Château de SouvrayBazougers
Château de SumeraineParné-sur-Roc
Château de Terchant 16th century Ruillé-le-Gravelais The castle which was demolished one wing was completely restored at the end of the 19th century, it is the abbot Angot, especially remarkable for the development of gardens, woods and ponds. However, it noted that a park plan, with island with a beautiful chapel in the middle of the lake remained at the project stage.âteau_de_Terchant
Château du Tertre (Mée)Mée
Château du Tertre (Vimarcé)Vimarcé
Château de Thévalles 15th century Chémeré-le-Roi A museum of prehistoric antiquities and art objects had been formed under the leadership of Miss Boxberg, friend and companion of the Marquise de Rochelambert. The library contains rare books and some manuscripts. The museum was very rich.
Château de Thorigné-en-Charnie 11th century Ruine Thorigné-en-Charnie
Château de Thuré La Bazouge-des-Alleux It is registered as a historical monument 1974.âteau_de_Thuré
Château de ThubœufNuillé-sur-Vicoin
Château de TorcéAmbrières-les-Vallées
Château de la TouchasseGrez-en-Bouère
Château de la ToucheMeslay-du-Maine
Château de la Tour-CarréeLa Cropte
Château de la Tour-CornesseLa Brulatte
Château de Trancalou 1887 Ruine Deux-Évailles
Château de la ValetteVilliers-Charlemagne
Château de la Villaudray
Château le VallonEntrammes
Château de Varennes-l'Enfant Épineux-le-Seguin A modern castle, but antique style of military architecture, was built from the year 1850 on the old foundations. A beautiful and monumental ancient wood, expertly restored, a fireplace adorns the rooms, the ceiling joists and flooring apparent are a very decorative effect.âteau_de_Varennes-l'Enfant
Château de VauraimbaultMontigné-le-Brillant
Château de VaussenayArgentré
Château des Vaux14th-16th centuryChampéonOwned by a private company
Château du Verger de Montigné 16th century Ruine Montigné-le-Brillant Everything was destroyed around 1800 , but the two towers that still give a feudal character to the town they dominate.âteau_du_Verger_de_Montigné
Château de la VezouzièreBouèrePrivately owned
Château VieuxLavalOwned by the municipality
Château de la Vieux-CourAhuillé
Château des VignesQuelaines-Saint-Gault
Château de la VillatteMontigné-le-Brillant,
Château de VilleneuveChailland
Château de Villiers-CharlemagneVilliers-Charlemagne
Domaine de la Bellière17th-19th centuryChampfrémontPrivately owned
Donjon de Sainte-SuzanneSainte-Suzanne
Enceinte fortifiée de LoréOisseau
Hotel des EperonsLaval
La Provôterie Ahuillé It is belonged to the Robert Mason, Chancellor of France under Charles VII and protector of Joan of Arc.ôterie_(Ahuillé)
Logis de BaugéCigné
Logis du Bois
Logis seigneurial de la Grande CoudrièreMézangers
Logis-hébergement du Haut-RocherSoulgé-sur-Ouette
Logis seigneurial de ViaulnayLoigné-sur-Mayenne
Logis de la JoubardièreSaint-Martin-du-Limet
Logis du Petit MarignéDaon
Logis du PlessisMarigné-Peuton
Logis du PoirierSaint-Hilaire-du-Maine
Logis de la TeillaisLaigné
Maison forte de l'EperonnièreLivré-la-Touche
Manoir de l'AntrepoutreJublains
Manoir d'AubignéVaiges
Manoir du Bois Morin (Bonchamp-lès-Laval)Bonchamp-lès-Laval
Manoir du Bois Morin (Grez-en-Bouère)Grez-en-Bouère
Manoir du Breil aux FrancsEntrammes
Manoir du BuleuMarcillé-la-Ville
Manoir de la ChesnelièreSaint-Christophe-du-Luat
Manoir de ClasséSaint-Germain-de-Coulamer
Manoir de la CoudreChangé
Manoir de FontenelleLaigné
Manoir de ForcéForcé
Manoir des GaudinièresSaint-Pierre-sur-Erve
Manoir de la GirouardièrePeuton
Manoir du Grand CheréParné-sur-Roc
Manoir de la Grande CourteilleBonchamp-lès-Laval
Manoir de GresseLa Chapelle-Anthenaise
Manoir du Grand CheréParné-sur-Roc
Manoir du GuéLa Dorée
Manoir de LonguefougèresTorcé-Viviers-en-Charnie
Manoir du Moulinet Château-Gontier
Manoir de MontviantChâteau-Gontier
Manoir du Petit NazéArgentré
Manoir de PierrefontaineSainte-Gemmes-le-Robert
Manoir des PinsSaint-Pierre-sur-Erve
Manoir de Plessis-GuilleuxBonchamp-lès-Laval
Manoir de RavignyRavigny
Manoir du RéseulSaint-Hilaire-du-Maine
Manoir de SacéBonchamp-lès-Laval
Manoir de Saint-ChristopheLa Boissière
Manoir de Saint-ClémentCraon
Manoir du TertreNuillé-sur-Vicoin
Manoir de VillegranLa Chapelle-Craonnaise
Motte féodale des MuraillesSaint-Christophe-du-Luat
Oppidum du Château MeignanSaint-Jean-sur-Mayenne

Châteaux of Sarthe

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Aillières-BeauvoirAillières-Beauvoir
Château d'Ardenay 19th century Ardenay-sur-Mérize Condominium Ardenay Park. It is now a library.
Château des Aulnays 11th century Ruine Torcé-en-Vallée Severely damaged by the English, it was rebuilt in the 14th and 15th centuries, then abandoned.
Château de Ballon 11th century Ballon It was an important fortress during much of the medieval period. Its current appearance is characteristic of the late 15th century.âteau_de_Ballon
Château de Beaucé
Château de Bénéhard16th centuryChahaignesBruce de Jaham
Château de la Balluère15th centuryPirmilPrivately owned
Château de la Barbée 19th centuryBazouges-sur-le-LoirPrivately owned
Château de Bazouges sur le Loir 11th century Bazouges-sur-le-Loir It is now a museum.
Château de Beaumont-sur-SartheBeaumont-sur-SarthePrivately owned
Château de Bellefille 16th-18th century In good condition Chemiré-le-Gaudin Privately owned
Château de Bénéhard 16th century Chahaignes It is subject to registration with historical monuments since August 11, 1987.âteau_de_Bénéhard
Château de BezonnaisÉcommoy
Château de Bonnetable (Bonnétable)15th-19th centuryBonnétablePrivately owned
Château de Bouloire16th centuryBouloireOwned by the municipality
Château des Bordeaux18th centuryAmnéOwned by a private company
Château de BrussonSoulitré
Château de la Buzardière15th-18th centuryChangéPrivately owned
Château de Chanteloup16th centuryVallon-sur-GéePrivately owned
Château de ChéronneMoyen AgeTufféPrivately owned
Château de la Chesnaye17th centurySaint-Mars-de-LocquenayPrivately owned
Château des Comtes du Maine 12th-15th century In good condition Mans (Le) Owned by the municipality
Chateau de ConnerréConnerré
Château de CoulansCoulans-sur-GéePrivately owned
Château de Coulennes15th-18th centuryLouéPrivately owned
Château de la CourMoyen AgeVezotPrivately owned
Château de Courcival17th centuryCourcivalOwned by a private company
Château de Courmenant 867 Ruine Rouez-en-Champagneâteau_de_Courmenant
Château de Courtanvaux 14th century Restored Bessé-sur-Braye Castle Courtanvaux is open to visitors from April to September. In summer, the outbuildings (orangery, stables, dining carriages) are open in a festival of art for lovers or simple walkers find paintings, sculptures, photographs, pottery ... and meet the artists. The castle hosts various shows Courtanvaux season.
Château de Dehault 15th century Dehault The monument is subject to registration as a historic monument since December 29,âteau_de_Dehault
Château de Dobert18th centuryAvoiseOwned by a private company
Château d'Eporcé 17th-20th century In good condition Quinte (La) Privately owned
Château des Etangs (ancien)16th-18th centurySaint-Vincent-du-LorouërPrivately owned
Château des Etangs L'Archevêque
Château de Ferté-Bernard (La)11th-17th centuryFerté-Bernard (La)Owned by the municipality
Château de Fresnay-sur-Sarthe14th-15th centuryFresnay-sur-SartheOwned by the municipality
Château de Gallerande 11th century Luché-Pringé Private property, it is not possible to visit.
Château des Gringuenières
Château de La Grange-MoreauVallon-sur-Gée
Château de la Grifferie17th-18th centuryLuché-PringéOwned by a private company
Château des Gringuenières 16th century La Chapelle-d'Aligné Facades and roofs of the main building and the decor of the living room and the stairs are subject to a registration monuments since June 14, 1994.
Château de la Groirie 16th-18th century In good condition Trangé Privately owned
Château du Gros Chesnay17th-18th centuryFilléPrivately owned
Château du Haut-Rasné19th centuryChahaignesPrivately owned
Château des Hunaudières18th-19th centuryMulsannePrivately owned
Château de la Jaille16th-19th centuryChahaignesPrivately owned
Château de LaunayLombron
Château de Lauresse17th centuryLombronPrivately owned
Château de Lorrière15th-19th centuryDissé-sous-le-LudePrivate property
Château de Luart19th centuryLuart (Le)Privately owned
Château de Lucé18th centuryGrand-Lucé (Le)Private property
Château du Lude 13th century Restored Lude Many representations "sound and light" were given there, with a reputation that exceeds department.âteau_du_Lude_(Sarthe)
Château de Malicorne-sur-SartheArthezéOwned by a private company
Château de Malicorne-sur-Sarthe 12th-18th century In good condition Malicorne-sur-Sarthe Privately owned
Château du Mans 11th century Today, the castle square , behind the Place Saint-Michel and the cathedral remained intact and well preserved by the municipal service to remember the monumental building that sat at the north end of the old city from the 11th century.âteau_du_Mans
Château de la Marcellière16th-17th centuryMarçonOwned by a private company
Château de Martigné18th centuryAvesséPrivately owned
Château du Maurier16th-19th centuryFontaine-Saint-Martin (La)Owned by a private company
Château de MonhoudouMonhoudou
Château de MontbrayeParigné-l'Évêque
Château de Montmirail 11th century Montmirail It is subject of multiple registrations under historical monuments.
Château de Montertreau19th centuryParigné-le-PôlinPrivately owned
Château de Montfort-le-GesnoisMontfort-le-Gesnois
Château de Montreuil-le-HenriMontreuil-le-HenriPrivately owned
Château de Moulinvieux17th-18th centuryAsnières-sur-VègrePrivately owned
Château de Nauvay
Château d'Oyré 15th century Clermont-Créans The castle is now a place dedicated to private events. It is rented by companies or individuals including through seminars or weddings.
Château d'Oyré
Château de PassaySillé-le-PhilippePrivately owned
Château de Poncé
Château du Paty15th-18th centuryChenuPrivately owned
Château des Perrays17th-19th centuryParigné-le-PôlinOwned by an association
Château de PerrochelSaint-Aubin-de-LocquenayPrivately owned
Château du Petit-Perray18th centuryVaasPrivately owned
Château de Poncé 16th century Poncé-sur-le-Loir It leads to the Italian garden at the back of the castle, designed in the 1930s.
Château de la Renaudière15th-19th centuryNeuvy-en-ChampagneOwned by a private company
Château de la Roche-Mailly19th centuryRequeilPrivately owned
Château des RochesSceaux-sur-Huisne
Château de Sablé 15th-18th century In good condition Sablé-sur-Sarthe State property
Château de Saint-Aignan 16th-18th century In good condition Saint-Aignan Privately owned
Château de Saint-Mars15th-18th centurySaint-Mars-la-BrièrePrivate property
Château de Saint PaterneSaint-Paterne
Château des Salles 15th century Mayet Various projects are being considered for the future of this building: space animations, home of cultural events ( Festival of Saint-Loup ), a training center of the En Avant Guingamp.
Château de la SauvagèreChemiré-le-GaudinPrivately owned
Château de Semur-en-Vallon18th centurySemur-en-VallonPrivately owned
Château de Sillé-le-Guillaume 11th-17th century In good condition Sillé-le-Guillaume Owned by the municipality
Château de Sourches 17th century In good condition Saint-Symphorien Privately owned
Château du Tronchet18th centuryTronchet (Le)Privately owned
Château de Vaulogé 15th-19th century In good condition Fercé-sur-Sarthe Owned by a private company
Château de Verdelles15th centuryPoillé-sur-VègrePrivately owned
Château de Vernie17th centuryVerniePrivately owned
Château du Vieux-Lavardin12th-15th centuryMézières-sous-LavardinPrivately owned
Château de Villaines17th centuryLouplandePrivately owned
Château de Viré en Champagne
Château de Viré15th-19th centuryViré-en-ChampagnePrivately owned
Domaine de Courtilloles18th centurySaint-Rigomer-des-BoisPrivately owned

Châteaux of Vendee

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Apremont 13th century Replaced by a modern house Apremont In its place now stands a modern house, the terrace on which it stands seems to reuse a larger structure. There are remains of the medieval castle that traces of a large tower, ruined, and another smaller one near the entrance.
Château d'Ardelay 15th century In good condition Les Herbiers Owned by the municipality
Château d'Asson15th-18th centuryBoissière-de-Montaigu (La)Privately owned
Château de l'Aubraye16th centuryRéorthe (La)Privately owned
Château de l'Audardière16th-17th centuryApremontPrivately owned
Château d’Apremont
Château de l’Aubraie
Château de la Beaugisière 18th century In good condition Saint-Michel-le-Cloucq Privately owned
Château du Bois-Tissandeau
Château de Bazoges-en-Pareds12th-16th centuryBazoges-en-ParedsOwned by the municipality
Château de Beaumarchais 16th century Brétignolles-sur-Mer Facades and roofs of the castle as well as the fireplace on the ground floor are the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since June 27, 1962.
Château de Belle-VueSainte-Cécile
Château de Bessay16th-19th centuryBessayPrivately owned
Château du BoisniardChambretaud
Château de Boistissandeau 16th century In good condition Herbiers (Les) Owned by a private company
Château de la Bonnelière (Saint-Michel-Mont-Mercure)17th centurySaint-Michel-Mont-MercurePrivately owned
Château de la Bonnelière (Sèvremont)Sèvremont
Château de la Bonnetière13th centurySaint-Urbain
Château de la BoursièreVenansault
Château du BreuilSaint-Denis-la-Chevasse
Château de la Brunière 16th century In good condition Givre (Le) Privately owned
Château de la Cantaudière 16th century In good condition Moutiers-les-Mauxfaits Owned by a private company
Château de la Chabotterie14th-16th centurySaint-Sulpice-le-VerdonPrivately owned
Château de la Court-d’Aron
Château des Chassenon16th centuryXanton-ChassenonPrivately owned
Château de Chastellier-Barlot15th-17th centuryPoiré-sur-Velluire (Le)Privately owned
Château de ChâteaumurSèvremont
Château de la Chevallerie 18th century In good condition Sainte-Gemme-la-Plaine Privately owned
Château de la Citardière17th centuryMerventPrivately owned
Château de Commequiers15th centuryCommequiersPrivately owned
Château dit La Cressonnière (ancien)16th centuryCezaisPrivately owned
Château des EchardièresFlocellière (La)Privately owned
Château de l'Echasserie 15th-17th century In good condition Bruffière (La) Privately owned
Château de Essarts (Les) 12th-13th century Ruins Essarts (Les) Privately owned
Château de l'ÉtenduèreLes Herbiers
Château de l'Échasserie
Château du Fief-Milon14th-19th centuryBoupère (Le)Privately owned
Château de la Flocellière Moyen Age-19th century In good condition Flocellière (La) Private property
Château du Fougeroux18th centuryChapelle-Thémer (La)Privately owned
Château de Garnache15th centuryGarnache (La)Privately owned
Château de la Guignardière
Château de la Girardie16th centurySérignéPrivately owned
Château des Granges-Cathus16th-19th centuryTalmont-Saint-HilairePrivately owned
Château de la Grève 12th century Ruined Saint-Martin-des-Noyers
Château de la Guignardière 1555 Avrillé It is open to visitors from April to September. The castle is now home to many activities, including golf games puzzles "The Castle of adventurers.".
Château des HerbiersLes Herbiers
Château de L’Hermenault
Château de Hermenault15th-18th centuryHermenault (L')Privately owned
Vieux-château de l'Île d'Yeu 14th century Ruine l'Île-d'Yeu In the 1970s, Maurice Esseul (from the island) began the search and restoration of the castle. It holds regular conferences and organizes daily tours.
Château de l'Ilôt-les-Tours17th centuryNalliersPrivately owned
Château du Lac19th centuryRéaumurPrivately owned
Château de Landebaudière18th centuryGaubretière (La)Owned by the municipality
Château du LandreauLes Herbiers
Château de la Maison-Neuve15th centuryMontournaisPrivately owned
Château de la Ménardière15th centurySaint-Pierre-du-CheminPrivately owned
Château de Mesnard-la-Barotière15th centuryMesnard-la-BarotièreOwned by a private company
Château de la Métaire17th centuryLe Poiré-sur-VieOwned by a private company
Château de Montaigu (Vendée) 15th-16th century In good condition Montaigu Owned by the municipality
Château de Nesmy16th-19th centuryNesmyPrivately owned
Château-Neuf19th centurySigournaisPrivately owned
Château de Noirmoutier 1690 Noirmoutier Since 1993 , the castle of Noirmoutier hosts within its walls, its courtyard, representations of " Festival of Noirmoutier en l'Ile ", organized by the" Regional Theatre Pays de la Loire ". Theatrical and musical summer festival that takes place every year in August.
Château des Noyers15th centurySaint-Paul-en-ParedsPrivately owned
Château de Oulmes17th-18th centuryOulmesPrivately owned
Château de Palluau13th-18th centuryPalluauPrivately owned
Château du Parc-Soubise
Château du Parc Soubise 17th-19th century In good condition Mouchamps Privately owned
Château de la Pelissonnière16th centuryBoupère (Le)Privately owned
Château de Pierre-Levée18th centuryOlonne-sur-MerOwned by a private company
Château du Plessis-le-Franc16th-19th centurySaint-Laurent-de-la-SallePrivately owned
Château du Pont-de-VieLe Poiré-sur-Vie
Château de Pouzauges 12th century Ruine Pouzauges The ruins of Pouzauges are dominated by its majestic tower of 12th century. The dungeon, over 25 meters high, is one of 12 towers that made ??up the curtain, giving visitors a majestic example of Romanesque civil architecture. It was classified historic monument in 1862 on list.
Château de la PreuilleSaint-Hilaire-de-Loulay
Château du Puy-du-Fou11th-16th centuryEpesses (Les)Owned by the Department
Château de Rabatelière17th-19th centuryRabatelière (La)Private property
Château des Roches-Baritaud 15th century In good condition Saint-Germain-de-Prinçay Privately owned
Château de Saint-Juire15th-18th centurySaint-Juire-ChampgillonPrivately owned
Château de Sainte-Hermine 13th century Sainte-Hermine This unique design has been registered, as the whole site at a Historic Monuments.
Château de Saint-Martin-Lars-en-Sainte-Hermine15th-17th centurySaint-Martin-Lars-en-Sainte-HerminePrivate property
Château de Saint-Mesmin 14th century In good condition Saint-André-sur-Sèvre Owned by Syndicat Mixte du Château de Saint Mesmin
Château de Saint-Michel-le-Cloucq 12th-19th century In good condition Saint-Michel-le-Cloucq Private property
Château de Talmont-Saint-Hilaire11th-16th centuryTalmont-Saint-HilaireOwned by the municipality
Château de Terre Neuve 1580 Fontenay-le-Comte Heiress Elizabeth Roulhac Rochebrune wife Count Raoul Poignand of Fontenioux, the descendants have kept live the old house now open to visitors.
Château de Tiffauges 12th century Tiffauges The castle is owned by the General Council of Vendée . It hosts a series of concerts and a conservatory medieval war machines. The castle is experiencing a tourism boom in the last ten years. It has long been abandoned in ruins, the large internal surface of the castle was even used for a period as a football field of the local club RST Tiffauges.
Château du VeillonTalmont-Saint-Hilaire
Castel du VergerSaint-Christophe-du-Ligneron
Château de Vendrennes12th-17th centuryVendrennesPrivately owned
Château de la Vérie9th centuryChallans
Château des VoureuilsChasnais
Logis de la Chabotterie 16th century In good condition Montréverd Conseil départemental de la Vendée
Logis du ColombierMouchamps
Manoir de PonsayChantonnay
Tour Mélusine 13th century Vouvant It is classified as a historic monument since 1927.
Tour de Moricq 15th century Preserved and restored Angles The town of Angles bought the building in 1988 to ensure the preservation and restoration.

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