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Châteaux of Picardie

This is the list of Châteaux in Picardie. It is located in the northern part of France. It is divided into 3 departments: Aisne, Oise, Somme.

We have listed 280 Chateaux in the Picardie region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 70 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Picardie that are not in our list, please let us know!

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Châteaux of Aisne

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Armentières avec sa poterne12th-16th centuryArmentières-sur-OurcqPrivately owned
Château d'Arranceau15th-17th centuryArrancyPrivately owned
Château d'Arrancy17th-19th centuryArrancyPrivately owned
Château féodal de Aulnois-sous-Laon13th centuryAulnois-sous-LaonPrivately owned
Château d'AutremencourtAutremencourtPrivately owned
Château du Bas17th centuryBrainePrivately owned
Château de Bazoches-sur-Vesles 13th century Ruins Bazoches-sur-Vesles Privately owned
Château de Beaurevoir14th centuryBeaurevoirPrivately owned
Château de Bernoville18th centuryAisonville-et-BernovillePrivately owned
Château de Berzy-le-Sec13th-16th centuryBerzy-le-SecOwned by the municipality
Château de Blérancourt 1612 In good condition Blérancourt It houses the National Museum of Franco-American cooperation, closed until 2014 for renovation.
Château Bois-lès-Pargny 17th century In good condition Bois-lès-Pargny Privately owned
Château de Bourguignon-sous-Montbavin19th centuryBourguignon-sous-MontbavinPrivately owned
Château de Branges16th centuryArcy-Sainte-RestituePrivately owned
Château de Bucy-le-Long14th centuryBucy-le-LongPrivately owned
Château du Buisson13th-19th centuryBrécyPrivately owned
Château de Cambron15th centuryFontaine-lès-VervinsOwned by a private company
Château de Caulaincourt Caulaincourt The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1992 and listed in 1998.âteau_de_Caulaincourt
Château de Chailvet 16th century Restored Royaucourt-et-Chailvet In 2010, The restoration of the company under the direction of Alain Gigot, former Chief Architect of Historical Monuments building is nearing completion: only the gallery on the first floor and the basement still require heavy work.
Chateau de ChalandryChalandryPrivately owned
Château de Chambly17th centuryBosmont-sur-SerrePrivately owned
Château de Château-Thierry 7th century Ruine Château-Thierry The ruins of the old castle and the hill on which they stand are the subject of a classification as historical monuments since August 2, 1932.
Château de Chevregny 20th century In good condition Chevregny
Château de Coeuvres16th centuryCoeuvres-et-ValseryPrivately owned
Château de Condé 12th century Condé-en-Brie The Watteau wing and its recently discovered frescoes , the Board of Richelieu, private apartments and exceptional room decorated by Oudry are the star attractions of the castle. Open to the public.
Château de Coucy 13th century Ruines Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique The castle ruins are now the subject of restoration and archaeological excavations have brought to light on the foundations of a chapel. The site is open to visitors.
Château de Couvrelles17th centuryCouvrellesPrivately owned
Château de Cramaille13th centuryCramaillePrivately owned
Château de Droizy14th-16th centuryDroizyPrivately owned
Château de Epieds16th-19th centuryEpiedsPrivately owned
Château de l'Etang16th centuryAudignyPrivately owned
Château de Fère (La)15th-16th centuryFère (La)State property
Château de Fère-en-Tardenois 13th-16th century Ruins Fère-en-Tardenois Owned by the department.
Château de La Ferté-Milon 1398 La Ferté-Milon The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list of 1862.
Château de Festieux 14th-18th century In good condition Festieux Owned by a private company
Château de Guise 10th century Guise The castle of Guise is now owned by the town of Guise , who told the Club du Vieux Manoir . The Club du Vieux Manoir ensures the restoration, maintenance, opening to the public as well as the animation. Open to the public.
Chateau de Givray16th centuryBruyères-sur-FèrePrivately owned
Château de Jouaignes Jouaignes The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1982âteau_de_Jouaignes
Château de Louâtre16th centuryLouâtrePrivately owned
Château de Marchais 1540 Marchais It was purchased in 1854 by the wife of Prince Charles III of Monaco, Princess Antoinette of Monaco, born Antoinette de Merode-Westerloo.âteau_de_Marchais
Château de Marfontaine 16th-17th century In good condition Marfontaine Privately owned
Château de Marigny-en-Orxois18th centuryMarigny-en-OrxoisPrivate property
Château Marizy-Saint-Mard13th-17th centuryMarizy-Saint-MardPrivately owned
Château de Mauregny-en-Haye17th centuryMauregny-en-HayePrivately owned
Château de Mazancourt Vivières The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 1982.
Château de Missy-lès-PierrepontMissy-lès-Pierrepont
Château de Montgobert 1775 Montgobert Today, it is owned by the Duke of Albufera and a museum of wood and tool. It has recently been opened to private parties from May to October.
Château de MontoisRessons-le-Long
Château de Mont-Saint-Martin17th centuryMont-Saint-MartinPrivately owned
Château de la Muette16th centuryLargny-sur-AutomnePrivately owned
Château de Nesles13th-14th centurySeringes-et-NeslesPrivately owned
Château de Noüe 13th century Villers-Cotterêts The castle is registered on the supplementary inventory of historic monuments: the "dungeon" and the oldest part of the enclosure by ministerial decree of 1927 and the entire castle facade and roof, loft, chapel and all the enclosure and discounts by order of the prefect of the Picardie region of July 5, 2004.
Château du Nouvion-en-ThiéracheNouvion-en-Thiérache
Château d'Oigny-en-Valois 1498 Oigny-en-Valois It is registered as a historic monument since February 8, 1928.
Château de Paars18th-19th centuryPaarsPrivately owned
Château de Parpeville18th centuryParpevillePrivately owned
Château de Pernant14th-16th centuryPernantOwned by a private company
Château de la Plesnoye17th-18th centuryEnglancourtPrivately owned
Château de Pont-Saint-Mard19th centuryPont-Saint-MardPrivate property
Château de Presles13th centuryPresles-et-ThiernyPrivately owned
Château de Puisieux-et-Clanlieu18th-19th centuryPuisieux-et-ClanlieuPrivately owned
Château de Quierzy 15th century Quierzy It is the subject of a registration under the Historic Monuments since February 8, 1928âteau_de_Quierzy
Château de Quincy-sous-le-Mont16th centuryQuincy-sous-le-MontPrivately owned
Château de Rognac13th centuryCoulonges-CohanPrivately owned
Château de Saponay13th centurySaponayPrivately owned
Château de Septmonts 13th century Septmonts Park and Castle are open to the public. The Renaissance dwelling in restoration since the early 1990s, houses the tourist office. It is part of exhibitions.
Château de Sons-et-RonchèresSons-et-Ronchères
Château de Soupir16th-19th centurySoupirOwned by a private company
Château de Vadancourt 19th century Maissemy Today, it belongs to the family Houssin, who carries guest rooms.
Château de Vic-sur-Aisne12th-17th centuryVic-sur-AisnePrivately owned
Château de Vierzy15th centuryVierzyPrivately owned
Chateau de Villeblain15th centuryChacrisePrivately owned
Château de Ville-Savoye15th centuryVille-SavoyePrivately owned
Château de Villeneuve-Saint-Germain20th centuryVilleneuve-Saint-GermainPrivately owned
Château de Villers-Cotterêts 16th-18th century In good condition Villers-Cotterêts State property
Château de Villers-Hélon15th-18th centuryVillers-HélonOwned by a private company
Château de Villiers-Saint-Denis Villiers-Saint-Denis The monument is inscribed under the historical monuments in 2007
Donjon de Vic-sur-AisneVic-sur-Aisne

Châteaux of Oise

Name BuiltConditionLocation width="382">Notes / more info
Château d'Alincourt17th centuryParnesPrivately owned
Château d'Anserville 18th-19th century In good condition Anserville Privately owned
Château d'AuteuilAuteuil
Château d'Auteuil 17th-19th century In good condition Berneuil-en-Bray Owned by a private company
Château de Bailleul-sur-Thérain 1202 Bailleul-sur-Thérain For nearly nine centuries, only five families possessed the castle which, ultimately, the illustrious family of the Marquis de Gaudechart family now extinct.
Château de BainsBoulogne-la-Grasse
Château de Beaurepaire15th-17th centuryBeaurepaireOwned by the municipality
Château de Béhéricourt14th-19th centuryBéhéricourtPrivately owned
Château de BerneuilBerneuil-sur-AisnePrivately owned
Château de Bertichères 16th-17th century In good condition Chaumont-en-Vexin Owned by a private company
Château de Boissy-le-Bois16th centuryBoissy-le-BoisPrivate property
Château de Boran-sur-Oise16th-19th centuryBoran-sur-OisePrivate property
Château de Boulogne-la-GrasseBoulogne-la-Grasse
Château de Boury 17th century In good condition Boury-en-Vexin Privately owned
Château de Bresles 16th century Bresles Currently the mayor of Bresles residing there.
Château d'eau Chamant19th centuryChamantOwned by the municipality
Château de Chantilly 1358 Chantilly Since 1991, the chateau hosts a show of fireworks. In 2005, short scenes from the movie Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola were shot in the courtyard of the castle.
Château de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis 11th century Ruine Clermont-de-l'Oise Owned by the municipality. The tower is currently undergoing restoration and stabilization. In future years, a redevelopment of the area around the tower will create an open air theater and connect the dungeon Châtellier Park, located below.
Château de Compiègne 1751 Compiègne State ownedis assigned to the Ministry of Culture, administered by the Dept. of Museums of France. The National Museum, led by a conservative heritage with the rank of chief curator or general conservative, is responsible for maintaining the three museums housed the castle or historic apartments and furniture, the museum of the Second Empire, the car museum.
Château de Corbeil-Cerf16th-17th centuryCorbeil-CerfPrivately owned
Château de Courcelles-lès-Gisors11th-13th centuryCourcelles-lès-GisorsOwned by an association
Château de Coye-la-Forêt17th-19th centuryCoye-la-ForêtPrivate property
Château de CreilCreil
Château de Cressonsacq14th centuryCressonsacqPrivately owned
Château de Crèvecoeur-le-Grand16th-17th centuryCrèvecoeur-le-GrandOwned by the municipality
Château de Cuise-la-Motte14th-17th centuryCuise-la-MotteOwned by a private company
Château de CuvillyCuvilly
Châteaux de la Douye et du Roi Jean14th centuryBéthisy-Saint-PierreOwned by a private company
Château de l'Épine17th-19th centuryWarluisPrivately owned
Château d'Ermenonville 18th century Ermenonville On 31 May 1991, the castle was finally acquired by The Mansions Group Philippe Savry, which rearranges into a hotel-restaurant prestige. The castle serves as the location for films at the cinema: Elena and Men (1955-1956) by Jean Renoir, The Visitors (1993) Jean-Marie Poire, Corridors of Time: The Visitors 2 (1998), Arlette ( 1997) by Claude Zidi, Stepmother (1999) Gabriel Aghion.
Château des Etournelles 19th century In good condition Breuil-le-Sec Privately owned
Château du Fayel 17th century Fayel Currently owned by Edouard de Cosse-Brissac
Château de Fillerval 18th century In good condition Thury-sous-Clermont Occupied by the training center of the French Institute of Management.
Château de Flambermont18th-20th centurySaint-Martin-le-NoeudOwned by an association
Château de Fosseuse 16th century In good condition Fosseuse Privately owned
Château de Fresneaux-Montchevreuil 15th-17th century In good condition Fresneaux-Montchevreuil Owned by a private company
Château de Hannaches15th-18th centuryHannachesOwned by a private company
Château de HeillesHeilles
Château de Hénonville18th centuryHénonvilleOwned by the municipality
Château Ivors17th-18th centuryIvorsPrivately owned
Château de LamorlayeLamorlaye
Château de Longueil-Sainte-MarieLongueil-Sainte-Marie
Château de Maignelay-Montigny13th-14th centuryMaignelay-MontignyPrivately owned
Château Mennechet 1881 Chiry-Ourscamp Currently owned by Yves Lavaire, real civil society (private property). The building was finally registered as a historical monument for the first time in March 2011 and again in July of the same year.
Château de Mello 15th century Mello Owned by Countess de Boissieu-Durfort. They are both subject to registration as a historic monument since February 1, 1989.
Château de Mercastel17th-18th centuryVillers-VermontPrivately owned
Château de Merlemont 13th-19th century In good condition Warluis Privately owned
Château du Meux 1637 Meux The castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since May 17, 1977.
Château de Monceaux 1763 Monceaux Currently owned by the Hardivilliers Family. The monument is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since March 18, 1970.
Château de MontataireMontataire
Château de Mont-l'Evêque15th-19th centuryMont-l'EvêquePrivately owned
Château MontépilloyMontépilloyPrivately owned
Château Mont-Royal 1907 In good condition La Chapelle-en-Serval In 1989 , JP Hermier buys descendants of Fernand Halphen and transformed into a hotel, which opened in 1990. In June 1992, the Group Concorde Hotels acquires the entire property. The hotel has one hundred to nine rooms including five suites, a restaurant and an indoor pool.
Château de Montvillargenne In good condition Gouvieux In 1985, the castle was transformed into a luxury hotel that gets his fourth star in 2003. The current facility includes 120 rooms, a restaurant, a swimming pool heated, a steam room and a sauna.
Château de la Mothe17th-19th centuryBéthisy-Saint-MartinPrivately owned
Château de Mouchy-le-Châtel19th centuryMouchy-le-ChâtelPrivate property
Château de Nanteuil-le-Haudouin17th centuryNanteuil-le-HaudouinPrivately owned
Château de Neuville-Bosc 18th century Neuville-Bosc In 1996, the castle of Neuville-Bosc is exclusively dedicated to hosting business seminarsâteau_de_Neuville-Bosc
Château de Nointel 1904 Nointel The owner is a French singer-songwriter Renaud Siry, which opened in 1986, the Museum Autominiature in this castle inaugurated by Jean-Pierre Beltoise. More than 5,000 classic cars are assembled.âteau_de_Nointel_(Oise)
Château d'Ognon 17th century Ognon False ruins of an ancient temple is in partial conversion of the park into an English garden in 1881/83. As for the pier north of the reflecting pool, the literature is silent on the context and the time of its construction. The park can only be visited during the European Heritage Days and is not visible from the public domain.
Château de l'Ortois16th centuryJaulzyPrivately owned
Château de Orrouy15th-19th centuryOrrouyPrivately owned
Château de Pierrefonds 1396 Pierrefonds The castle is frequently used for filming location for movies: The Miracle of the Wolves (1961, including Jean Marais), The Hunchback (1959), etc.. More recently, since 2008, it is the setting for the British television series Merlin on BBC One. It also inspired the castle of King Miraz in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian ( 2008 The castle also served as the backdrop for the France 2 television series "Inquisitio" released in July 2012 on France 2.
Château de Plessis-Brion (Le)16th centuryPlessis-Brion (Le)Privately owned
Château de Pontarmé14th- 20th centuryPontarméPrivately owned
Château de Pronleroy13th-16th centuryPronleroyPrivately owned
Château de Puiseux-le-Hauberger17th-19th centuryPuiseux-le-HaubergerPrivately owned
Château de Raray16th-17th centuryRarayPrivately owned
Château de la Reine Blanche13th-19th centuryCoye-la-ForêtPrivately owned
Château de la Rochefoucauld 17th century Liancourt July 2012 : Excavations is launched on a site adjoining common: the remains of ponds and fountains of 17th century were uncovered.
Château royal de Senlis et prieuré Saint-Maurice 12th-18th century Ruins Senlis Owned by the municipality
Château Saint-Aubin10th-13th centuryCrépy-en-ValoisOwned by the municipality
Château de Saint-Cyr et ses communs17th-18th centuryLavilletertrePrivately owned
Château Saint-Firmin et annexes18th centuryVineuil-Saint-FirminPrivately owned
Château de Saintines16th centurySaintinesPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Remy-en-l'Eau18th centurySaint-Remy-en-l'EauOwned by an association
Château de Sarcus (Nogent-sur-Oise)Nogent-sur-OiseOwned by the municipality
Château de Sarcus (Pouilly)16th centuryPouillyPrivate property
Château de Serans17th-19th centurySeransOwned by a private company
Château de Tartigny16th-19th centuryTartignyPrivately owned
Château de Théribus (Jouy-sous-Thelle)Jouy-sous-Thelle
Château de Théribus (Mesnil-Théribus (Le))17th centuryMesnil-Théribus (Le)
Château de Thiers-sur-ThèveThiers-sur-ThèvePrivately owned
Château de Trie 17th century Trie-Château It is now the town hall.
Château de Troissereux 15th century Restored Troissereux Many rooms in the main wing are open to visitors: Dining room, library, bedroom, den, living room, staircase ceremonial. Many restoration works have been made ??to the interior in 1791
Château de Vallière 1894 Mortefontaine There are currently no collaboration with public partners, state and local authorities. Contemporary photographs show that the thick vegetation invaded ponds and ancient corridors managed by the creators of Grand Park perspectives. Any qualitative and poetic reading of the landscape is annihilated.
Château de Verderonne (Rosoy)Rosoy
Château de Verderonne19th centuryVerderonnePrivate property
Château de Verneuil-en-HalatteVerneuil-en-Halatte
Château de Versigny15th-18th centuryVersignyPrivate property
Château de Villers-Saint-PaulVillers-Saint-PaulPrivately owned
Château de Villers-sous-Saint-Leu 17th-18th century In good condition Villers-sous-Saint-Leu Privately owned
Domaine des Fontaines19th centuryGouvieuxOwned by a private company
Domaine de Mortefontaine17th centuryMortefontainePrivate property
Domaine d'Offemont14th-18th centurySaint-Crépin-aux-BoisPrivately owned
Domaine de Roberval13th-19th centuryCoye-la-ForêtPrivately owned
Domaine de Valgenceuse 18th century In good condition Senlis Privately owned
Donjon de Clermont 11th century Ruined Clermont Municipality
Donjon de Vez 1360 Restored Vez Enriched and restored by its owners, the place now shines with Caroline and Francis Briest who decided to give a new dimension to this site with the desire to mix architecture, nature and contemporary art.
Palais épiscopal 12th century Beauvais The restoration ends in June 1981, with the opening of a new museum center. However, structural problems require the General Council to close the rooms to the public in 1997ée_départemental_de_l'Oise

Châteaux of Somme

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château de Argoeuves18th-19th centuryArgoeuvesPrivate property
Château d'Argoules16th-19th centuryArgoulesPrivately owned
Château d'ArrestArrest
Château d'Arry 1714 Ruined Arry The castle was completely destroyed during the Second World War in 1946. The property now belongs to the Federation of Families of France Moselle who manages a recreation center.
Château d'AveluyAveluy
Château d'Avesnes18th centuryAvesnes-ChaussoyPrivately owned
Château de Bagatelle 18th century Maintain but had restoration Abbeville The castle is generally open to visitors in the summer, every afternoon from 14:00 to 18:00, except Tuesdays.
Château de Beaucamps-le-Jeune16th-18th centuryBeaucamps-le-JeunePrivately owned
Château de Beaucourt-en-SanterreBeaucourt-en-Santerre
Château de Belloy-Saint-Léonard18th centuryBelloy-Saint-LéonardPrivately owned
Château de Bernâtre14th-15th centuryBernâtrePrivately owned
Château de Bertangles 15th-18th century In good condition Bertangles Privately owned.
Château de Boufflers18th centuryRemiencourtPrivately owned
Château de Bouillancourt-en-Séry18th centuryBouillancourt-en-SéryPrivately owned
Château de Bovelles18th centuryBovellesPrivately owned
Château de Boves 10th century Ruine Boves There now remains only the motte surmounted by two sections of wall (remains of a tower). The site, which is the subject of archaeological excavations for several years, is again studied in summer 2008.
Château de Brailly-Cornehotte 18th century In good condition Brailly-Cornehotte Privately owned.
Château du Broutel 18th century In good condition Rue Privately owned
Château de Buigny-Saint-MaclouBuigny-Saint-MaclouPrivately owned
Château de Busménard18th centuryTranslay (Le)Privately owned
Château des ducs de Luynes ou ChatellenieAirainesPrivately owned
Château de Canaples19th- 20th centuryCanaplesOwned by a private company
Château de Cayeux-en-SanterreCayeux-en-Santerre
Château de ChaulnesChaulnes
Château de Chaussoy-EpagnyChaussoy-EpagnyPrivately owned
Château de Clermont-TonnerrePoulainville
Château de Contay18th centuryContayPrivately owned
Château de Courcelles-sous-Moyencourt18th-19th centuryCourcelles-sous-MoyencourtPrivately owned
Château de Creuse18th centuryCreusePrivate property
Château du CrotoyCrotoy
Château de Digeon19th centuryMorvillers-Saint-SaturninPrivately owned
Château de Dompierre-sur-Authie18th centuryDompierre-sur-AuthiePrivately owned
Château de Dromesnil18th centuryDromesnilPrivately owned
Château d'Eaucourt-sur-Somme 13th century Eaucourt-sur-Somme The site is being run by the Association Restore Castle Eaucourt-sur-Somme through fun and educational tours around builders and daily life xiv th century. Opened in summer with a medieval festival and throughout the year for professional development days for schools and leisure centers.
Château d'En-Bas Belloy-sur-Somme19th centuryBelloy-sur-SommeOwned by an association
Château d'En Haut Belloy-sur-Somme18th centuryBelloy-sur-SommePrivately owned
Château d'Essertaux18th centuryEssertauxPrivate property
Château de EtréjustEtréjustPrivately owned
Château de Ferrières18th-19th centuryFerrièresPrivate property
Château de Flesselles14th-18th centuryFlessellesPrivate property
Château de Flixecourt19th centuryFlixecourtPrivately owned
Château de Folleville (Somme) 15th century Ruine Folleville Destroyed gradually over the centuries, it remains today a small part. Open to visitors.
Château de Foucaucourt 16th-18th century In good condition Foucaucourt-Hors-Nesle Private property
Château de FransartFransart
Château de Fransu18th-19th centuryFransuPrivately owned
Château de Frucourt17th-18th centuryFrucourtPrivately owned
Château GaillardForest-Montiers
Château de Gamaches12th-13th centuryGamachesPrivately owned
Château de GrivesnesGrivesnes
Château de Guyencourt-sur-Noye 18th-19th century In good condition Guyencourt-sur-Noye Privately owned
Château fort de Ham 15th century Ruine Ham The remains of the castle of Ham are recorded in the Inventory of Historic Monuments since 1965.
Château d'Happlaincourt13th centuryVillers-CarbonnelPrivately owned
Château de Hédauville18th centuryHédauvillePrivately owned
Château d'Heilly 18th century In good condition Heilly Owned by the municipality
Château de Hénencourt17th-18th centuryHénencourtPrivately owned
Château de Huppy16th-17th centuryHuppyPrivately owned
Château de Long18th-19th centuryLongOwned by a private company
Château de Lucheux15th centuryLucheuxOwned by an association
Château de Mailly-RainevalMailly-Raineval
Château de MaisnièresMaisnières
Château de Marieux18th centuryMarieuxPrivately owned
Château de Mérélessart17th-19th centuryMérélessartPrivately owned
Château de Méricourt-sur-Somme17th-19th centuryMéricourt-sur-SommePrivately owned
Château de Monsures17th-19th centuryMonsuresPrivately owned
Château de MoreuilMoreuil
Château de Nampont 15th century In good condition Nampont Privately owned
Château de Namps-au-Mont18th centuryNamps-MaisnilPrivately owned
Château de NaoursNaours
Château d'Oissy17th-18th centuryOissyPrivately owned
Château de PéronnePéronneOwned by the municipality
Château de Picquigny Ruine Picquigny The restoration of the wall inside North, between the Porte du Gard and the college was made ??around 2005. The tours are organized by the Tourist Office
Château de Pissy17th-18th centuryPissyOwned by a private company
Château du PlouyVismes
Château de Poireauville15th centuryVaudricourtPrivately owned
Château de Pont-RemyMoyen AgePont-RemyPrivate property
Château de Pourtricourt15th centuryLanchèresPrivately owned
Château et son parc Prouzel18th centuryProuzelPrivately owned
Château de QuerrieuPont-Noyelles
Château de Querrieu17th-19th centuryQuerrieuPrivately owned
Château de Quesnoy-sur-Airaines17th-18th centuryQuesnoy-sur-AirainesOwned by a private company
Château de Quevauvillers18th centuryQuevauvillersPrivately owned
Château de Raincheval 18th century In good condition Raincheval Privately owned
Château de Rambures 1450 Rambures Charles Henri Le Tellier Blanchard La Roche-Fontenilles, Earl Blanchard, Marquis de La Roche Fontenilles, son of the former, he married Helen Brosse. Two children, William (1973) and Aurélia Henriane (1976).
Château de Regnière-Écluse 16th-19th century In good condition Regnière-Ecluse Private property
Château de Remaisnil18th centuryRemaisnilOwned by a private company
Château de Ribeaucourt17th centuryRibeaucourtPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Riquier14th centurySaint-RiquierPrivately owned
Château de Selincourt18th centuryHornoy-le-BourgPrivate property
Château de SenarpontSenarpontPrivately owned
Château de Suzanne17th centurySuzannePrivately owned
Château de Tilloloy 17th century Tilloloy The castle and grounds are classified historical monuments. Castle Tilloloy is privately owned.
Château du TitreTitre
Château de Vadencourt17th-18th centuryVadencourtPrivately owned
Château de Vauchelles16th-18th centuryVauchelles-lès-DomartPrivately owned
Château de VercourtVercourt
Château de Vieulaines18th centuryFontaine-sur-SommePrivately owned
Château de VismesVismes
Château de Wailly18th centuryContyPrivately owned
Château de WarvillersWarvillers
Domaine de Davenescourt18th-19th centuryDavenescourtPrivate property
Domaine du Saulchoix17th centuryClairy-SaulchoixPrivately owned
Domaine de Saint-Gratien18th centurySaint-GratienPrivately owned
Tailly-l'arbre-à-mouches18th centuryTaillyPrivate property

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